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Latest Headlines

U.K. team says blood test and ultraviolet light could cheaply screen for most cancers

Even as the diagnostics industry continues to pursue more sophisticated approaches to cancer testing, a group from the U.K. has come up with a simple blood test that could generate much more bang for the buck.

Roche and Merck KGaA team on a multicancer companion diagnostic test

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems will develop a companion diagnostic test with Germany's Merck KGaA that can be used for many different cancer types.

Asuragen gains New York's OK to launch autism and thyroid tests

Asuragen gained approval to start offering two of its key molecular diagnostic tests in New York state, milestones that will help boost the standard of care and give the Texas company another opportunity to grow its market reach.

Report: Dendreon's costly manufacturing casts doubt on cancer vaccine viability

When Dendreon was trying to bring its cancer vaccine Provenge to market, many doubted whether it could overcome the associated manufacturing and logistical hurdles. Ultimately Dendreon did better than some expected, but not as well as it hoped. And the same problems that made the cost of producing and shipping Provenge a burden for Dendreon still hang over the sector.

Blocking cell migration could stop cancer spread

Researchers have discovered that, when triggered, certain chemical signals can cause cells to transform into an invasive, liquidy state, giving them the ability to navigate freely through the body. The findings could help drug developers produce new techniques to halt the spread of cancer cells and prevent secondary tumors.

UC San Diego biomarker discovery could boost brain cancer drug's success rate

Researchers in California believe they've zeroed in on biomarkers--microRNAs--that will help determine who will respond best to the treatment and help boost its success rate.

Definiens bags $20.4M for tissue diagnostics

Germany's Definiens has raised €15 million ($20.4 million) in new financing to expand into digital tissue diagnostics, planning to use Big Data and image analysis to spot cancers.

Natera puts its prenatal know-how toward cancer diagnostics

After finding success using its technology to screen unborn babies for chromosomal problems, Natera is looking to see how well its diagnostic platform can detect and monitor cancer.

ImaginAb, Duke double down in Singapore on in vivo molecular imaging-agent work

UCA spinoff ImaginAb and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore will team up to develop in vivo molecular imaging agents focused on cancer, immunology and disease areas unique to Asia.

Roche and MedImmune will concoct lung cancer immunotherapy clinical trial test

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems and MedImmune said they will jointly develop an assay to help test a MedImmune immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer.