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Latest Headlines

Washington investigators develop a new tool for high-res live cancer imaging

Researchers have combined the use of a nonfluorescent bacterial phytochrome with photoacoustic tomography imaging in cancerous tissue, resulting in high spatial resolution, increased penetration depth, and crucially, enhanced detection sensitivity with significantly reduced background signals.

Researchers devise heat-triggered liposome 'grenades' to destroy cancer cells

Coming up with new drug delivery vehicles that can precisely target cancer cells, while leaving healthy tissue unmolested, has been a big goal in certain scientific circles in recent years. Now researchers at the University of Manchester say they have been toying with a fresh approach that relies on liposomes.

A promising MEK inhibitor in mice loses some luster in human trials

Researchers have highlighted the problematic fate of a next-gen cancer therapy, the MEK inhibitor TAK-733 at Takeda, as it made the leap from mouse and cell-line investigation and then was tried in humans--and found to provide lower bioavailability than in mice.

UCSC team reveals key structural component in telomerase enzyme

Scientists at UC Santa Cruz have identified a key structural component of the telomerase enzyme that can contribute to cell proliferation in cancer cells, publishing their findings in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. And they say that the work could help pave the way to a new, targeted cancer treatment that zeroes in on telomerase.

Illumina expands in China with cancer Dx deal

Illumina is joining forces with China's Amoy Diagnostics to create next-generation sequencing cancer tests for the Chinese clinical market, expanding its footprint in the country while strengthening its commitment to developing innovative technology for the disease.

Celgene antes up $25M for first seat at antibody engineers' new deal table

Celgene is anteing $25 million to take the first seat at the players' table for a new academic research consortium that will put their combined antibody engineering platform to work finding next-gen anticancer therapies with commercial potential.

Illumina makes moves in China with Burning Rock cancer Dx deal

Illumina is joining forces with China's Burning Rock to create cancer diagnostics geared toward the Chinese market, combining its sequencing prowess with Burning Rock's research know-how to increase its footprint in the country.

R-Biopharm to develop companion diagnostic for Apogenix's cancer candidate

R-Biopharm will develop a companion diagnostic for Apogenix's lead anticancer candidate under an agreement the two just signed.

Pfizer opens Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine in Chile

Pfizer debuted its Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine in Santiago, Chile, last week, bulking up in Latin America, not exactly a hot spot for pharma industry R&D.

Protein offers a new target for controlling tumor growth

A protein called PACS-2 plays a big role in transporting the enzyme ADAM17 into patient cells, making this an appealing target for cancer drug developers, according to a team at the University of Copenhagen.