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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca deepens its Cambridge ties with hopes for Alzheimer's and cancer

AstraZeneca, two years away from a big relocation to Cambridge, U.K., is broadening its relationship with the local university, signing a slew of new agreements that will bolster its R&D efforts in neuroscience and oncology.

Ichorcumab: the blood of the gods?

Index Ventures recently completed an $11 million Series A investment in XO1, an asset-centric company established with the sole objective of developing the monoclonal antibody ichorcumab under license from Cambridge University.

Scientists demonstrate how bird flu could trigger a pandemic

After a lingering controversy over bioterror fears that kept a study under wraps for months, investigators have revealed how 5 simple genetic "tweaks" could make the virus spread swiftly among humans.

UPDATED: Elan chases a holy grail of Alzheimer's treatment: Prevention

Elan's support of research at Cambridge University could unlock targets for a drug that offers a preventive treatment for the memory-stealing disease and other illnesses involving misfolding proteins in the brain.