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Latest Headlines

Should Bristol-Myers cut payer deals to boost melanoma combo over one-drug treatments?

Immuno-oncology partnerships are all well and good--even essential for companies with combo-treatment ambitions. But in melanoma, Bristol-Myers Squibb's in-house cocktail may have an advantage, analysts said in a new report.

Bristol-Myers is the next big tenant in biotech's hottest neighborhood

Bristol-Myers Squibb's latest R&D reshuffle calls for a consolidated presence in Cambridge, MA's booming Kendall Square, and the drugmaker has signed on to serve as anchor tenant in the area's next big research facility, joining Big Pharma's ongoing colonization of a biotech hotbed.

Allied-Bristol JV picks up rights to Harvard's work on traditional Chinese remedy

Just about a year after Bristol-Myers Squibb and Allied Minds got together to create Allied-Bristol Life Sciences with plans to collaborate on new biotech spinoffs, the joint venture has inlicensed research from Harvard University that may eventually lead to new drugs for fibrotic and autoimmune diseases.

UPDATED: Blockbuster-to-be cancer meds outclass other big launches--except Sovaldi and statins

No question, immuno-oncology drugs are the hottest tickets in cancer--and among the hottest across the board. But PD-1/PD-L1 treatments, including Merck & Co.'s Keytruda and Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo, aren't the first to bear big sales expectations. How do immuno-oncology forecasts stack up against other notable drug launches?

U.S. poised to spend $50B on just 10 'breakthrough' meds in 10 years

U.S. payers are striking out at drug spending again, highlighting the cost to taxpayers. According to a commissioned report, 10 hot new "breakthrough" meds are expected to cost publicly funded healthcare plans more than $50 billion over the next decade.

Bristol-Myers fires off a lawsuit to sideline R&D defector headed to rival AstraZeneca

Bristol-Myers Squibb is the leader right now in immuno-oncology and checkpoint inhibitors and it clearly is willing to get aggressive about defending that early edge. In a move that shows just how competitive this blockbuster field has become, the big biotech wants to force one of its ex-R&D leaders in I/O to sit out the next year rather than go to work for a major league rival.

Bristol-Myers barrels toward approval with a blockbuster cancer combo

The greatest promise of a new crop of immuno-oncology treatments likely comes from using them in combination with one another, clinicians say. And Bristol-Myers Squibb, maker of two such drugs, is looking to couple its blockbuster treatments in a package deal, rolling toward FDA approval with a tandem therapy.

Doctors look for a single test to identify best immunotherapy drugs for cancer patients

With a new crop of cancer immunotherapy drugs that offer the hope of battling forms of cancer previously thought untreatable, researchers and physicians are looking for tests that can better pinpoint which patients respond to each of the treatments.

UPDATED: Bristol-Myers dominates--and disappoints--at ASCO immuno-oncology debut

Bristol-Myers Squibb and rival Merck started off the big annual scientific meeting of  ASCO  with a bang, rolling out a slate of new studies spotlighting the growing body of evidence that their new immuno-oncology drugs will play a key role fighting a range of cancers.

Otsuka faces the music for generic Abilify, loses battle with FDA

Otsuka has finally lost its battle with the FDA to prevent generics of its antipsychotic Abilify from hitting the market. A federal judge issued a final ruling against the Japanese drugmaker, a little more than a month after regulators opened the door for copycat versions of the meds.