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Latest Headlines

JAMA: Mammography does not reduce breast cancer deaths, could result in overdiagnosis

As physicians turn to mammography as a more reliable way to diagnose breast cancer, a new study shows that the screening method does not reduce the number of deaths from the disease and could lead to overdiagnosis, suggesting a few kinks in the system.

Preclinical trials show ALK1 inhibitor dalantercept may prevent metastasis

Dalantercept (ACE-041) is owned by Acceleron and is currently in early clinical trials for liver and kidney carcinomas. More recently, though, researchers at Lund University demonstrated that it could block the activin receptor-like 1 (ALK1) pathway, suggesting it may also slow metastasis in aggressive breast cancer.

Scientists leverage cell stress to defeat cancer drug resistance

Scientists from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center report that the best way to prevent breast cancer from growing resistant to therapies may be to genetically strip cancer cells' natural defenses against intrinsic stress.

Siemens gains add-on breast tomosynthesis FDA approval, as startup files first PMA for computer-aided detection

Just as the latest breast tomosynthesis equipment option has made it through the FDA with an approval for Siemens, startup VuComp has submitted its own PMA to gain approval for its computer-aided detection software for digital breast tomosynthesis images.

Seeking a drug cocktail, CSHL team points to a new pathway for breast cancer

Investigators believe that they have found a new approach to treating HER2-positive breast cancer in a class of enzymes called protein tyrosine phosphatases, or PTPs, which plays a role in cell proliferation.

Study: False alarms of breast cancer costing U.S. $4B a year

According to a new report, the U.S. wastes as much as $4 billion a year in unnecessary medical costs that are the result of mammograms that produce false positives, and treatments of certain breast tumors that aren't life-threatening. 

Nektar looks for the positive in a failed PhIII breast cancer study

About two months ago, Nektar was talking up a big expansion, making way for the new staffers that would be needed to start commercializing the breast cancer drug NKTR-102. Today, the biotech may be rethinking that plan, as the drug failed in a pivotal late-stage study.

MD Anderson team explores a combination approach against cancer metastasis

Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say they've devised a new strategy for attacking breast cancer tumors before they metastasize.

FDA approves the first 3-D breast CT scanner without tissue compression from Koning

Koning has gained a PMA approval for the first 3-D breast computed tomography scanner to extensively image the breast without compressing it.

Dartmouth team tags HER4 as a key culprit for HER2 drug resistance

Cancer drug researchers have developed some major new drugs for treating HER2-positive breast cancer, but patients still develop resistance to them. Now a team at Dartmouth says it has identified a key pathway for resistance that points to a new class of third-line therapies.