Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

GE Healthcare moves to Boston area, to hire more than 220

Further concentrating life science powerhouses around Boston, GE Healthcare Life Sciences will open a new U.S. headquarters in Marlborough, MA. It's expected to house more than 500 employees, including at least 220 new hires.

Startup brings together some of Boston's top biotech brains and bucks

Put a scientific discovery in the lab together with experienced biopharma executives and high-profile investors focused on new ideas in Cambridge, MA, and you get Lysosomal Therapeutics, a newly hatched biotech venture which plans to follow the genetic underpinnings of Gaucher disease into the clinic with an experimental therapy that can also address Parkinson's disease.

The top 15 cities for biotech venture funding

Anyone looking to start a biotech company should pay close attention to this list. Venture groups, entrepreneurs and increasingly Big Pharma have been concentrating their money and their attention in a few key places, only occasionally straying from the beaten path when funding a high-risk drug development effort.

U.K. group looks to ignite a Boston-style biotech comeback

Right now, the stars are all aligned for the Boston biotech hub. It has the venture capital, leading academic and industry researchers, an experienced cast of serial biotech entrepreneurs and a strongly beating heart of innovation in Cambridge that has attracted the rapt attention of the world's biggest pharma companies.

Merck R&D adopts its rivals' game plans in global overhaul

When Merck announced a massive shakeup of its R&D operations, the pharma giant left out any pesky details. But Wall Street Journal writers Peter Loftus and Jonathan Rockoff have come up with some of the first key brushstrokes of what they termed a "radical overhaul."

Global biopharma hub strategy doomed Novartis' outlying R&D facility

Over the past 5 years, the main arteries of drug R&D have pointed straight to the world's biggest biopharma hubs. As hubs have grown, outlying R&D operations have been steadily trimmed away. 

Developer pitches plan for Boston R&D and manufacturing complex

The Boston biopharma boom has intensified demand for R&D space in and around the city, with firms big and small alike setting up in the area. While many of the sites focus on early research, the candidates they move into the clinic and beyond will need production capacity, and this has led to a new development project.

Developers blueprint 355,000-square-foot biotech R&D complex in Boston

Over the past few years, Boston and Cambridge have emerged as one of the top global epicenters of the  biopharma R&D industry, attracting a slew of companies big and small. And a developer is blueprinting plans for a sprawling 355,000-square-foot complex that could appeal to some of the companies plotting an expansion or relocation.

Bristol-Myers Squibb marries early-stage processes to biologics manufacturing

In designing the operation, it had always intended on expanding there, adding one of the biologic products that are becoming more important to its future.

J&J stakes out Boston/Cambridge HQ for new innovation center

J&J is about to make a big entrance in the Boston/Cambridge hub. The Boston Business Journal reports today that the pharma giant has taken a lease on new digs in Kendall Square for one of its four global innovation centers--putting it right in the heart of one of the busiest biotech regions in the world.