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Latest Headlines

InnaVirVax nabs $4.9M in B round to advance HIV immunotherapy

French biotech InnaVirVax has rallied investors to pump $4.9 million into its coffers via a Series B round of financing. The company will use the proceeds to begin trials of its drug VAC-3S, which is

Top 10 Blockbuster Biotech Drugs

Over the summer we took a look at the Top 15 Bestselling Drugs of 2008. Now we're turning our attention to the biotech industry's blockbusters. As traditional pharmaceuticals face an increasing

Novartis targets biotech drugs as it boosts R&D

Novartis has gone out of its way to persuade analysts that it is going all out to advance new medications in its pipeline. There are 139 new projects in clinical studies, including 88 new molecular

UC center wants efficient biotech drug production

When the UC-Berkeley Center for Biopharmaceutical Operations opens next year, its founders plan to find more efficient methods to manufacture biologics. And their goal is to make biotech drugs less

Eli Lilly out to redesign itself as a biotech

Look for Eli Lilly to start looking more like a biotech company. That's the word from Lilly CEO-- and

Biotech godfather mulls investors' 'collapse of confidence'

The "godfather" of the UK's biotech industry has a dose of bitter news for his colleagues in drug development. Investors have suffered a "collapse of confidence" in the country's biotech companies

J&J psoriasis drug may carry cancer risk

Outside experts are preparing to review ustekinumab, Centocor's injectable treatment of severe psoriasis. Two Phase III studies demonstrated

Lilly pays $35M to land TransPharma pact

Eli Lilly is forking over a $35 million upfront payment to nail down the worldwide licensing rights to TransPharma Medical's ViaDerm-hPTH osteoporosis product and a non-exclusive license to its

SPOTLIGHT: Colorado passes $26.5M biotech incentive bill

Like so many other regions, Colorado is hoping to get its own slice of the biotech

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