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Latest Headlines

BioMarin shines as dwarfism drug boosts growth in children

Three years ago, BioMarin top scientist Henry Fuchs pitched BMN-111 as one of the company's most promising early-stage drug prospects, with stellar mouse data to suggest that it was on track to develop a therapy to correct the genetic mutation behind dwarfism. On Wednesday evening, the San Rafael, CA-based biotech outlined Phase II data from 26 children that provided ample proof-of-concept human data that Fuchs was well justified in his belief.

Myriad extends collaboration with BioMarin for cancer companion Dx

Myriad Genetics expanded its partnership with BioMarin Pharmaceutical to use Myriad's myChoice HRD companion diagnostic test to identify which cancer patients are the best fit for BioMarin's talazoparib.

Myriad partners up with BioMarin for cancer diagnostics

Despite some ongoing patent battles and mounting legal trouble, Myriad Genetics remains a heavy hitter in the world of cancer diagnostics, and now the Utah company has struck up a deal with drug developer BioMarin Pharmaceutical to use one of its molecular tests to develop a targeted cancer drug.

BioMarin skates through FDA panel for rare disease drug

The Bay Area's BioMarin Pharmaceutical had an easy time at the FDA, winning the support of an agency panel for its latest rare-disease treatment and feeding expectations for a near-term approval.

BioMarin spike fades as Roche CEO guns down latest takeover rumor

Another day, another buyout rumor. Today it's BioMarin's turn in the takeover spotlight, after Dealreporter broke a story claiming that Roche is now scouting for $15 billion to buy the rare-disease specialist.

Cramer vs. Cramer: What's the next big biotech takeover target?

Now that the final wrap-up of Amgen's $10.4 billion buyout of Onyx is under way, analysts can get back to one of their favorite pastimes: Speculating on the next big biotech M&A deal that could make executives rich and investors' portfolios burst with big gains.

Top 10 Biotech CEO Pay Packages of 2012

It's a great time to helm a large biotech company, generally. Big biotech players overall posted major growth last year, and their CEOs got richer in the process. Most got fat raises while others saw their bundles of pay pale in comparison to 2011 figures. We surveyed the total compensation packages of the 10 largest biotech companies based on market capitalization as of early May, sleuthing mostly proxy statements for the financial details on pay for some of the most powerful people in the industry. Check it out >>

Analysts show why orphan drug development is going gangbusters

Small patient populations represent a huge market opportunity. Orphan drugs represent one of the pharma industry's hottest growth markets, and new figures from Thomson Reuters underscores that the blistering rise in revenue will drive the development of the next generation of experimental products.

Buzz: Big investors likely to back next wave of biotech buyouts

Now that Amylin and Human Genome Sciences have completed their buyout deals, the biotech industry is virtually humming with gossip about the next sizable buyout.

Buzz: GlaxoSmithKline interested in BioMarin buyout?

The Telegraph in the U.K. is reporting that the market buzz indicates that GSK is in talks with BioMarin, the rare disease drug outfit that has been snapping up programs in recent months.