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Latest Headlines

Big Pharma, Google wants you to go viral on YouTube

The champions of digital marketing pounded their chests in dismay earlier this month, when 2013 DTC-spending stats showed online ads on the wane. Down by 14%, and the numbers were pretty paltry to begin with. No wonder, then, that Google is lobbying the pharma business on YouTube's behalf.

Big Pharma sees danger, not safety, in FDA's new social media guidance

The FDA may have released its latest social media guidance in January, but judging by the industry's reaction, it appears some of pharma's marketers don't have any more answers than they did before. In fact, they have more questions.

Big Pharma tries to short-circuit France's move toward biosimilar substitution

Late last year, French legislators quietly slipped a measure into the country's 2014 budget legislation that would allow pharmacists to substitute inexpensive biosimilar drugs for pricier biotech brands. While not a full-out assault on branded biologics, it would make France the first European country to substitute the cheaper drugs, and the pharma industry is doing everything it can to derail that move before France's Administrative Supreme Court decrees it into effect.

New plants in Middle East a testament to the region's emerging market status

The Persian Gulf is the newest emerging market for  Big Pharma, the  Wall Street Journal  reports. Drugmakers have jumped on that opportunity, as evidenced by the number of new plants and distribution facilities they are putting there.

What's Big Pharma's latest hot spot? The Middle East

Are the BRIC countries passé in Big Pharma? Not exactly. But multinational pharma's newest trend lies in the Persian Gulf, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Should Teva take a breakup cue from Big Pharma? Goldman analyst says yes

If Big Pharma should consider hiving off extraneous business units, then why not Big Generics? Goldman Sachs analyst Jami Rubin, an early champion of the pharma breakup, figures Teva Pharmaceutical Industries could try it.

Pharma giants arm-twist U.S. government for IP action in India

Big Pharma wants the U.S. to pull a big-gorilla act in India. With patents revoked and cheap generics foisted on them ahead of schedule--and more early copycats possibly on their way--multinational drugmakers are lobbying for an intervention.

Novo Nordisk quits South African pharma group over 'satanic' PR campaign

First, South Africa proposed patent-law changes that would help foster generic drugs. Then, Big Pharma and its smaller colleagues in the country's pharma association hatched a counter-offensive: a $600,000 lobbying campaign against the measure. Now, Novo Nordisk has quit that group, the Innovative Pharmaceutical Association of South Africa (Ipasa), in protest.

Big Pharma accused of hatching 'satanic plot' in South Africa

South Africa's Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, lashed out on Friday at a report that Big Pharma is funding a PR campaign aimed at opposing new patent provisions favoring generic drugs, calling it "a conspiracy of satanic magnitude" that would lead to "genocide."

Look for an M&A scramble in 2014, with pharma chasing deals at ever-higher prices

Big Pharma has more money in its pocket for deals. And Big Pharma still needs more M&A for post-patent-cliff rebuilding. But Big Pharma's buyout targets want more money.