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Latest Headlines

In a welcome surprise, China plans to deep-six price caps on drugs

Some good news for emerging-market ambitions: China is backpedaling on price caps. After shortages prompted the government to ease up on certain price controls earlier this year, officials are now preparing to lift the price controls as early as Jan. 1.

Big Pharma has apps up for grabs, but not many users are biting

Big Pharma has plenty of apps up for grabs, with companies like Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim and Johnson & Johnson rolling out flashy new products to pique consumers' interest. But as it turns out, not too many consumers are downloading them.

Big CROs are booming, but can it last?

The world's largest CROs are reaping the benefits of two major market trends: Big Pharma is finally getting back to spending big on R&D after some lean years post-downturn, and biotech is enjoying a protracted bit of bullishness that has lined pockets around the industry.

India reins in agency's ability to cap drug prices

Price caps on "essential drugs" in India have been a sore point with domestic as well as Big Pharma players. The industry was further enraged when an Indian agency in May assumed the authority to add other products to the 350 already restricted. But the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reining in the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), suggesting he may have a less populous approach to the industry than his predecessor.

2014 has potential to exceed milestone year of 2009 for M&A action

Pharma M&A action so far this year has been intense--so intense that if it keeps up the pace it could match the uber years of 2008 and 2010, maybe even the record year of 2009.

Big Pharma doesn't win the margin stakes. That's Jazz, Celgene, Regeneron and Alexion

Margins, margins, margins. That's an inevitable mantra among top investors and analysts. Just ask Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez, who's pledged big improvements in the Swiss drugmaker's spread. Or Eli Lilly CFO Derica Rice, who's had to explain why his company can promise to maintain margins as its sales spiral downward.

Ebola outbreak rages on as drug development remains slow

As the death toll from West Africa's Ebola outbreak hits nearly 540--a 60% mortality rate--drug development for the untreatable disease is lagging, largely due to lack of interest from Big Pharma and the relative infrequency of the disease.

FDA wants an EMR database to boost oversight of drug safety

The potential to mine electronic medical records for insights into disease prevalence, drug adherence, patient safety and a host of other areas has attracted a who's who of Big Pharma, with the likes of GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer all running programs. And now the FDA is pushing ahead with its plans by seeking access to a patient-level database.

Big Pharma ceding sales--and share--to up-and-coming drugmakers

Good news for drugmakers: Sales will grow more than 5% through 2020. More good news: Patent cliffs will be more like "rolling hills" in the years to come, thanks to the preponderance of biologic meds. Even more good news: Last year's crop of new drugs is the strongest in years, judging by the blockbuster-level expectations for most of them.

Can pharma salvage its tarnished rep? Survey says yes

According to Eye for Pharma's latest Healthcheck survey of the drug business, 42% of respondents said they don't think pharma's image is getting any better among average folks, whereas a mere 19% think pharma's rep is improving.