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Latest Headlines

Supreme Court could upend pay-for-delay deals

Now that Obamacare has had its day at the Supreme Court, pharma has another case to worry about. The longstanding debate over "pay-for-delay" deals with generics companies could soon make its way to the high court, legal experts say. And if it does, branded drugmakers and generics companies would face a wholesale shift in their business strategies.

Nexavar fails combo trial, but keeps liver cancer crown

Nexavar plus Tarceva did not equate to improved survival for liver cancer patients in a new trial. But that doesn't mean Nexavar is losing its edge.

UPDATED: Onyx wins accelerated approval for myeloma drug Kyprolis

Onyx nailed an FDA approval today for the multiple myeloma drug Kyprolis (carfilzomib), overcoming the naysayers who were skeptical that the agency would hand out an accelerated OK for a new drug on just mid-stage data drawn from a single-arm study.

Natco may next attack Pfizer, Roche drugs with compulsory license

Indian genericsmaker Natco Pharma, having knocked off Bayer's cancer drug Nexavar with a compulsory license, says it is lining up the targets it wants to shoot at next.

Bristol-Myers loses to Onyx in PhIII battle of drugs for liver cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb swung for the fences and whiffed, and the company's major miss provides a victory to Onyx Pharmaceuticals, the white-hot provider of Nexavar.

Common MS drugs don't prevent disability, study finds

Common multiple sclerosis drugs don't stave off disability, a new study finds. It's a blow for MS patients hoping to stop their disease from progressing, and to drugmakers facing competition from newer drugs.

New cancer drugs debut faster in U.S., but they cost more

The good news for U.S. cancer patients: New drugs get to market faster in the U.S. than they do elsewhere. The bad news: There's a higher price tag for that speed.

Natco's generic of Bayer's Nexavar hits India market

Natco Pharma's generic version of Bayer's Nexavar has hit the market in India, a gift to poor Indians from the government patent office in a move threatening international repercussions.

Forest faces $100M gender bias suit

Four women have filed a $100 million gender bias lawsuit against Forest Laboratories.

Analysts conjure up images of a dream buyout deal for Onyx

On Wall Street, the math on any possible biotech M&A deal often plays out along a best-case scenario for drug developers riding a wave of enthusiasm. Now Onyx is riding that wave since it breezed through a panel review of its multiple myeloma drug carfilzomib.