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Latest Headlines

Bayer to cut 4,500 jobs in global overhaul

It's another big shift to emerging markets for Big Pharma. Bayer plans to spend €1 billion on a restructuring plan that will cut 4,500 jobs--but create 2,500 new ones, largely in up-and-coming

Incoming Bayer chief eyes $23B in deals

Bayer's incoming CEO Marijn Dekkers (photo) has access to money--and he's willing to spend it. As Dekkers prepares to take over from current Bayer chief Werner Wenning (photo) this Friday, he told

Bayer chief eyes $2.6B in Xarelto sales

Bayer CEO Werner Wenning predicted that the market for new blood thinners could reach $12 billion to $15 billion, with his company's drug Xarelto--now awaiting U.S. approval--accounting for some $2.6

Bayer resolves 200 Trasylol lawsuits

Bayer is slowly but surely settling lawsuits over its bleeding drug Trasylol. The company has agreed to settlement deals in about 200 of 2,000 pending cases, The Legal Intelligencer reports. Average

FDA slaps imaging drugs with new warning

New warnings are in store for three imaging drugs. The FDA says it's requiring Bayer, Covidien and GE Healthcare to change the labels of their gadolinium-based contrast agents to highlight the risk

Design's the thing for consumer-friendly drugs

Big Pharma is learning that selling drugs isn't just about the drugs themselves. It's also about presentation. As the Financial Times reports today, more and more drugmakers are turning to design

Distribution change affects supply chain balance of power

A new type of drug distributor is emerging in the U.K. and attempting to make its way into Europe. Its emergence, ironically, is the consequence of manufacturers adopting a direct-to-pharmacy model,

Would-be whistleblower sues Bayer over firing

Pharma whistleblowers aren't just focused on alleged marketing shenanigans. Arcane accounting rules gets attention too. This time, the company is Bayer, and the whistleblower raised the red flag over

Bayer backs off Teva's premature Yaz copy

Bayer withdrew its patent lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for allegedly infringing Bayer's Yaz contraceptive with its Gianvi generic, according to court documents. Report

Nexavar disappoints in another lung-cancer trial

Bayer has met with another setback in its quest to extend Nexavar use to lung-cancer patients. The drug failed to extend the lives of patients with non-small cell lung cancer when used as a