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Latest Headlines

India's per-capita pricing proposal could ripple through emerging markets

The Indian government's proposal to link drug prices with per capita income could cut some branded drug prices by one-third. That makes some European price cuts look mild. But according to The Economic Times, the plan could have a silver lining, albeit a thin one. It could nullify the threat of compulsory licensing, by removing the argument that branded drug prices are excessive.

R&D experts applaud new initiative to validate biomedical studies

Over the past year we've been treated to a number of reports underscoring just how rarely amazing biomedical studies can actually be independently reproduced in the lab. Now a Silicon Valley startup has begun offering scientists a chance to see if their work can pass the validation test and speed up the drug development process.

Acino opens German plant to make Bayer birth control patches

Swiss drug delivery specialist Acino has opened a new plant at its Miesbach, Germany, site as it gets ready to produce a new birth control patch from Bayer.

Bayer boosts diabetes message with new blog

Bayer has entered the blogosphere with a U.K. blog about diabetes, for which the healthcare giant sells blood glucose monitors and other products. Launched in June, the blog has produced an infrequent stream of posts on a range of diabetes-related topics from a stable of writers with diverse backgrounds in healthcare and extreme sports.

Bayer settles Yasmin suits for $212K each, $402M total

That €500 million ($615.8 million) that Bayer set aside to cover its Yaz and Yasmin litigation? A big chunk of it is already spent. The company said it has settled almost 1,900 lawsuits for a total of $402 million-plus. That's an average of about $212,000 per case.

Bayer profits hit by $500M charge for Yaz/Yasmin lawsuits

Bayer set aside $500 million to cover litigation over the Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills, after FDA added blood-clot warnings to their labels in April.

Supreme Court could upend pay-for-delay deals

Now that Obamacare has had its day at the Supreme Court, pharma has another case to worry about. The longstanding debate over "pay-for-delay" deals with generics companies could soon make its way to the high court, legal experts say. And if it does, branded drugmakers and generics companies would face a wholesale shift in their business strategies.

Nexavar fails combo trial, but keeps liver cancer crown

Nexavar plus Tarceva did not equate to improved survival for liver cancer patients in a new trial. But that doesn't mean Nexavar is losing its edge.

UPDATED: Onyx wins accelerated approval for myeloma drug Kyprolis

Onyx nailed an FDA approval today for the multiple myeloma drug Kyprolis (carfilzomib), overcoming the naysayers who were skeptical that the agency would hand out an accelerated OK for a new drug on just mid-stage data drawn from a single-arm study.

Natco may next attack Pfizer, Roche drugs with compulsory license

Indian genericsmaker Natco Pharma, having knocked off Bayer's cancer drug Nexavar with a compulsory license, says it is lining up the targets it wants to shoot at next.