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Latest Headlines

BMJ: Bayer's Essure calls for more follow-up surgeries than traditional sterilization

Bayer is facing more bad news for its contraceptive implant Essure, as a new study shows that women outfitted with the company's device are more likely to need follow-up surgeries compared to individuals who undergo a traditional sterilization procedure.

Bayer eyes challenge to oral MS meds with new Betaseron injector

How do you keep a 22-year-old injectable multiple sclerosis therapy competitive in the face of threats from high-flying oral contenders? Bayer has an idea. The company recently won FDA approval for Betaconnect, an automatic injector it thinks can help keep its standby treatment, Betaseron, in the game.

Bayer introduces autoinjector for its multiple sclerosis drug to fend off oral competitors

Bayer is hoping that a new electronic autoinjector will slow the fall of lucrative multiple sclerosis drug Betaseron off of the dreaded patent expiry sales cliff.

Bayer pairs Genedata Profiler and iRODS to manage omics data analysis

Bayer has set up a system to manage its omics data analysis workflow. The system is the result of Bayer's collaboration with Genedata, which has provided its data management and analysis software to a platform that also draws on the capabilities of the open-source iRODS.

FDA panel grills Bayer over Essure safety

Bayer has faced a rocky road with its contraceptive implant Essure, with the FDA launching an investigation earlier this year following claims of harmful--and in some cases, lethal--side effects and false trial data for the product. Now the company is facing more pushback after an FDA panel came down on the company for not collecting key safety data for its device.

FDA: Bayer's Essure device linked to increase in side effect reports

Bayer is facing disheartening news for its controversial birth control device Essure prior to an FDA panel meeting to discuss the product's safety, as new analysis by the agency shows a spike in reports from women who had bad reactions to the device.

Bayer sets up triumvirate of managers to run slimmed-down operation

Change is coming for Bayer--and with it, change at the top. The German pharma has outlined its plans for retooling, post-plastics division divestment--and they involve three operational arms, each headed up by a company vet.

Bayer plots Q4 IPO with an eye on $2.8B

Bayer's plastics unit spinoff is in the works for Q4, sources tell Reuters. At that time, the German company plans to carry out an IPO for the business, to be dubbed Covestro, and it's aiming to raise about E2.5 billion ($2.8 billion).

UPDATED: J&J-Bayer and Pfizer-BMS look for marketing advantages in real-world Xarelto, Eliquis data

Johnson & Johnson and Bayer are leading the four-horse race among new-age anticoagulants, and they're hoping some new real-world safety data for Xarelto can help keep the med in the No. 1 spot.

Bayer takes its heart-failure drug into Phase III after a mid-stage success

Bayer is pushing forward with a new heart-failure treatment that could eventually contend with Novartis' blockbuster-in-waiting Entresto, mapping out a wide Phase III program for its oral drug.