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Latest Headlines

AbbVie celebrates New Year's Day as a big new biopharma player

After 15 months of planning, AbbVie has split away from Abbott, complete with a pipeline of more than 20 mid- and late-stage therapies, $18 billion in revenue and a commercial operation that spans the globe.

Abbott slammed after deaths scuttle blockbuster PhIII kidney disease program

The termination of the BEACON study is a major setback for Abbott Laboratories, which had invested huge sums in bardoxolone and a second-generation portfolio that had been expected to provide its pharma spinout with blockbuster revenue.

UPDATED: Abbott bets $400M on mega-blockbuster future for Reata program

Abbott ($ABT) has essentially doubled down on its high-stakes gamble that Reata Pharmaceuticals has the inside track on improving renal function in patients with chronic kidney disease, agreeing to

Abbott spotlights blockbuster hopefuls in pitching spinoff

Abbott Labs' pharma-designated CEO, Richard Gonzalez, spent a good part of Friday painting a bright future for Abbott's proposed spinoff. Abbott, of course, already has a multibillion-dollar

Abbott deals beef up late-stage platform of blockbuster contenders

Abbott Labs ($ABT) doesn't do a lot of deals compared with some of its Big Pharma rivals. But when the company inks a deal, it isn't afraid of using some big numbers. Abbott pledged $450 million just

Reata scores $450M in quick cash from Abbott pact

Irving, TX-based Reata Pharmaceuticals snared a treasure trove of $450 million in upfront and near-term cash from Abbott Labs in exchange for the ex-U.S. licensing rights to the mid-stage chronic