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Latest Headlines

Top 20 orphan drugs by 2018

For a long time, pharma companies have looked to large disease populations as the biggest potential revenue streams. But those days are long gone. That perception has shifted, especially with the prescription drug market stagnating in the U.S. and Europe. Orphan drugs--pharmaceutical treatments for rare diseases or disorders--have proven themselves as viable moneymakers, and the industry has taken note. Read the report >>

Biogen prices Tecfidera below oral MS rival Gilenya

Biogen Idec's ($BIIB) newly approved Tecfidera has a wholesale price of $54,900 per year, the biotech giant revealed on Friday. With the U.S. market debut of the oral multiple sclerosis drug set for Monday, Biogen plans to hit the market for MS pills with a lower price than Novartis' ($NVS) Gilenya, which is arguably the company's top competition.

UPDATED: Biogen bolsters key biz with PhIII win for longer-lasting MS drug

Biogen Idec reported that its candidate peginterferon beta-1a, a long-lasting version of its blockbuster Avonex, reduced relapse rates in multiple sclerosis patients.

SRI gets Defense grant to develop oral-delivered MS drug

The Department of Defense has awarded a one-year grant to SRI International's bioscience division to develop an orally administered multiple sclerosis drug.

Biogen Idec secures FDA nod for Avonex delivery accessory

Biogen Idec ($BIIB) gained the FDA's go-ahead this week for a drug delivery advance and dosing change intended to improve how MS patients take Avonex. They are subtle yet significant ways...

Biogen takes European MS marketing in-house with JV buyouts

Biogen Idec ($BIIB) is taking its multiple sclerosis marketing in-house. The Massachusetts-based company has bought out the joint-venture partner that had been selling Avonex and Tysabri, forming

Biogen expects MS sales hit from Gilenya

We've heard a lot about Novartis' new multiple sclerosis drug Gilenya, the first oral treatment for the disease. It has hit the ground running, growing sales and grabbing market share just as the

Biogen Idec lengthens shelf life of Avonex

Biogen Idec has succeeded in extending patent protection for its multiple sclerosis drug Avonex to 2026, some 13 years beyond the original patent-expiration date. The IP sleight of hand comes in the

Biogen Idec touts pipeline prospects in review

Biogen Idec rolled out the red carpet to analysts and journalists alike yesterday as it touted its research program and talked up its mid- and late-stage drug prospects. The Boston-based company,