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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Aveo touts new hope for its thrice-failed cancer drug

Aveo Oncology, battered by a long series of clinical setbacks, says it has found a potential path to success with tivozanib, a cancer treatment that has failed in three trials.

Aveo guts its R&D operation, cutting two-thirds of its payroll

Battered by a string of clinical failures, Aveo Oncology is cutting the cord on its internal research operation, ditching two-thirds of its staff and shaking up the C suite.

Foundering Aveo strikes a small deal to resurrect its thrice-failed drug

With former collaborator Astellas Pharma long since out the door, Aveo Oncology has found another partner willing to take a shot on the troubled tivozanib, signing a modest deal with Ophthotech to see how the cancer drug fares in eye diseases.

Partnerless Aveo is back on the hunt as Biogen returns a cancer drug

With the departure of Astellas and now Biogen Idec, Aveo Oncology is fresh out of collaborators, sending the struggling biotech back to the partnering table as it looks to advance an early-stage cancer drug.

Astellas finally bails on Aveo, giving up on the thrice-failed tivozanib

Japan's Astellas Pharma has seen enough of tivozanib, washing its hands of the once-promising cancer drug and putting an end to a three-year collaboration with Aveo Oncology.

Aveo's cancer drug circles the drain after a scuttled Phase II trial

Aveo Oncology and Astellas Pharma are shutting down a Phase II study of tivozanib in breast cancer after failing to enroll enough patients, the partners announced.

Aveo: Tivozanib doesn't do much for colorectal cancer, either

Aveo Oncology's long-troubled tivozanib is unlikely to meet its primary endpoint in a study on colorectal cancer, the company said, sending the biotech back to the drawing board after a high-profile failure in kidney cancer.

Aveo hit with SEC subpoena on tivozanib after FDA slap-down

In addition to a flurry of investor lawsuits spawned by the FDA's slap-down of its marketing application for the kidney cancer drug tivozanib, Aveo Pharmaceuticals now has an SEC inquiry on its hands. The biotech revealed on Thursday that it had received a subpoena from the SEC 8 days ago demanding "documents and information" on the drug.

FDA blasts Aveo one last time for 'uninterpretable' cancer study

Days after the Cambridge, MA-based biotech whacked close to two thirds of its staff as it scrambled to stay afloat in the wake of a scathing regulatory assessment of its lead drug, the developer says that the FDA has handed over the expected rejection notice for tivozanib as a treatment for kidney cancer.

Aveo investor pins struggling biotech's future on breast cancer study

After starting to gut most of its staff this week, Aveo Oncology has started down a longer path to potential approval of its top drug candidate tivozanib, for which the company no longer plans to develop for kidney cancer.