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Latest Headlines

Astellas is still struggling to close its $379M Ocata buyout

When Astellas signed a deal to acquire Ocata Therapeutics in November, it expected the company's shareholders to accept its $8.50-a-share offer within 20 days. But a group of jilted Ocata investors has refused to budge, agitating for a better return and forcing the Japanese drugmaker to prolong the process.

Japanese drugmakers shift focus as government pushes for more generics

Top Japanese drugmakers are moving to sell off their noncore businesses and less profitable generic drugs to focus on new drugs that are protected by patents and that bring in millions more in revenue.

NIH and HHS get 'march-in' request for Astellas' Xtandi

Less than a week after lawmakers asked the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to take "extraordinary" action against rising drug prices, the agencies are getting a similar request from a nonprofit and cancer patient group. The latest target? Astellas' prostate cancer drug, Xtandi.

The biggest winners--and losers--in the 2015 race for new drug approvals

In 2015, the FDA by its own account approved 45 new drugs, the largest one-year tally since 1996, which wrapped up with a record 53 regulatory OKs. Now, here's the full list of new drugs approved by the FDA in 2015, in chronological order.

Japan's Astellas back in the doghouse with U.K. marketing watchdog

Japan's Astellas is in trouble with the U.K.'s Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority after a whistleblower pointed out to authorities that the company may have been misleading when it said it had not purposely targeted oncologists during a meeting discussing the use of cancer drug Xtandi. New emails have led the group to look again at the matter. 

Regenerative medicine partnerships get attention of Japanese drugmakers

Takeda Pharmaceuticals and other Japanese drugmakers are latching on to regenerative medicine and stem cell research as a future growth market and quickly developing partnerships and acquiring overseas ventures to tap the market.

Ocata investors scramble to nix Astellas' $379M buyout at the 11th hour

Shareholders of Ocata Therapeutics are working to block Astellas Pharma's move to acquire the company for $379 million in a deal they say undervalues the stem cell biotech, soliciting alternative bids as a deadline looms.

NICE backs Astellas' Xtandi in pre-chemo patients, but J&J's Zytiga isn't so lucky

Astellas and Medivation's prostate cancer med Xtandi has been coming up strong behind Zytiga from Johnson & Johnson ever since hitting the market. And now, it's getting a boost in the U.K. that should help it gain more ground against its rival.

Japan's Astellas and U.S.-based Ironwood report PhIII success for linaclotide trials

The team of Astellas Pharma and Ironwood Pharmaceuticals report a second Phase III success with the U.S.-based company's drug for treating irritable bowel syndrome and constipation, according to a press release.

Astellas, ClearPath launch vaccines firm aimed at healthcare-associated infections

As healthcare-associated infections continue to burden the medical system and grab headlines, Astellas and ClearPath Development are forming a vaccines company looking to help tackle the issue.