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Latest Headlines

Tesaro pays $17M to team with AnaptysBio on cancer immunotherapies

Tesaro is making a move into the hot cancer immunotherapy field, paying $17 million upfront and offering milestones worth hundreds of millions more to work with AnaptysBio on a portfolio of antibodies that could be used in combination with its own pipeline drugs. And while one of the targets is PD-1, a popular subject in a field now dominated by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck, a pair of less familiar targets is also included in the package.

Antibody discovery opens new avenue for HIV vaccine development

A team of U.S. and South African researchers has identified and cloned an antibody that targets one of the few unchanging regions of HIV.

Investigators ID a rare antibody that may offer a key to elusive HIV vaccine

For several years now, scientists working on an HIV vaccine have been focused on a small set of patients whose immune systems were able to generate rare antibodies able to vanquish most strains of the lethal virus. And over the weekend a team of scientists from South Africa and the U.S. say that one woman--dubbed CAP256-VRC26--may have offered a key to do just that.

UPDATED: Third Rock backs $14M round for Igenica's cancer-fighting antibodies

The antibody upstart Igenica has rounded up $14 million in venture cash to move its lead drug into the clinic. The Column Group, 5AM Ventures, OrbiMed and Third Rock Ventures all participated in the round.

Imperial spearheads $28M round for an upstart in the antibody fragment field

The British biotech has rounded up $28 million (£17.5 million) in first-round venture cash from a group of marquee investors willing to bet big that Crescendo's mouse platform can deliver the best in cutting-edge antibody fragment therapeutics.

UPDATED: Big Biopharmas help fuel a $26M round for Sutro's immunotherapy work

Amgen, Celgene and Eli Lilly joined forces with some prominent venture players to back a $26 million round for Sutro Biopharma, a San Francisco-based biotech which has been garnering some careful scrutiny for its work on antibodies.

UPDATED: Visterra hires veterans of AMAG and Concert, licenses dengue antibody from MIT

As Visterra readies an influenza antibody for Phase I trials, the Gates-foundation-backed biotech announced today it's hired veterans of Mascoma and Concert Pharmaceuticals and licensed an antibody to treat the dengue virus out of the MIT lab of its co-founder, Dr. Ram Sasisekharan.

Billionaires bankroll Ganymed's $148M race through PhII cancer drug studies

The Strüngmann brothers' expensive taste for biotech companies has helped generate another big venture round for Ganymed Pharmaceuticals, a German biotech with claims to some cutting-edge cancer drug technology.

Analysts offer giddy forecasts for booming cancer immunotherapy pipeline

The intense R&D focus in biopharma R&D circles on the therapeutic punch of cancer immunotherapies hasn't escaped the notice of top analysts, who are making some megablockbuster projections on the commercial impact these new drugs are likely to have.

Takeda punts $620M antibody licensing pact with Immunomedics

Two years after Takeda acquired Nycomed, it's opted to punt a troubled partnership it inherited with Immunomedics on an anti-CD20 antibody pact struck 5 years ago for up to $620 million.