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Latest Headlines

Ex-FDA head: End barriers between devices, Dx and drugs

Device, diagnostics and drug companies should be working together and sharing intellectual property at a much sooner point in their research, argues Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, who ran the FDA from 2005 to 2009.

FDA: Political pressure led to device OK

The FDA said Thursday that four New Jersey congressmen and its own former commissioner unduly influenced the process that led to its decision last year to approve a patch for injured knees, an

Ex-FDA chief tapped to critique agency

Here's a turnabout for you: George W. Bush's FDA chief is joining a think-tank effort to overhaul the agency, the WSJ Health Blog reports. Andrew von Eschenbach has signed on as an adviser to the

FDA scientists: We're being targeted

We can imagine the movie script already: Honest scientists try to keep unsafe medical devices off the market, but big bad Big Brother quashes their efforts and brands them as criminals. The New York

FDA chief to step down as Obama's sworn in

It's official: FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach will step down on inauguration day. The commish announced his plans to FDA staff yesterday, saying that he expects the agency's senior management

Big bonuses for FDA brass rile critics

Some time back we heard about the FDA handing out $35 million in bonuses under a new incentive-pay plan. Well, today CBS News has some details. First off, $1 million of that went to 28 top

Frank Torti, future FDA chief?

From scientist-in-chief to top chief? Frank Torti, a cancer researcher who joined FDA two months ago, may be in line for the commissioner's job. Beltway wags say the current leader, Andrew von

Grassley probes dog-drug relaunch

It's not just human drug safety that gets Sen. Chuck Grassley into letter-writing mode. When the FDA decided to let a reformulated version of a Wyeth heartworm drug for dogs back onto the market,

Who are pharma's true VIPs?

You mean you don't know? Helpfully, a trade magazine has ranked them for you. The 40 most influential people in pharma--and they're not always the people you'd expect. In fact, FDA Commissioner Andy

FDA, Medicare team up on drug safety

Last fall, FDA got more power and funding to monitor drugs once they're on the market. Last month, Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach promised Congress big news on that monitoring, a project that