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Latest Headlines

Troubled Merck shrugs off fresh doubts about late-stage heart drug

Merck's experimental anacetrapib is one of those massively expensive lottery programs that can spur dreams of huge revenue streams.

Merck execs struggle with growing uncertainty over late-stage R&D

Merck is in a world of hurt. The pharma giant managed to spook several analysts with the news that its osteoporosis drug odanacatib would be held back from regulators until more data could be obtained in a trial extension, raising fears that the badly needed drug may be about to jump the tracks.

Merck CEO pledges to persist with 'good' cholesterol drug program

Even as failures in the field pile up, Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier is pushing ahead with a massive development program for a drug to boost HDL or "good" cholesterol.

Big Pharma betting billions in high-stakes hunt for the next Lipitor

In the wrap-up of the European Society of Cardiology meeting in Munich, Reuters ' Ben Hirschler assessed the field in search of the next potential Lipitors in the pipeline--megablockbusters that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to test in huge clinical trials--and came up with three big fields. Each of them has big caveats to consider.

Merck readies apps for two cardio drugs

Merck has revealed updates for key meds in the U.S. drug giant's pipeline of cardiovascular drugs. And the plans call for the company to ask regulators for approvals of two cardio drugs--vorapaxar and Tredaptive--next year as the Whitehouse Station, NJ-based pharma works to beef up its lineup of commercial products.

Merck trumpets loaded late-stage pipeline, big biosimilar R&D plans

With Wall Street demanding increased pipeline productivity from drug giants, Merck ($MRK) showed analysts and others exactly what investors are getting from one of the largest research budgets in the...

Merck ($MRK) cites "jaw dropping" data on cholesterol blockbuster contender

Merck ($MRK) scored a coup at the American Heart Association meeting as it unveiled an impressive set of pivotal data on its closely-watched cholesterol drug anacetrapib. Widely billed as a potential

Merck ready to spotlight potential mega-blockbuster

Four years after Pfizer pulled the plug on its $1 billion development program for the failed cholesterol drug torcetrapib, Merck is on the verge of announcing the first late-stage data on its own

Risky Merck cholesterol program shows mid-stage promise

One of Merck's new heart drugs continued to do good work in the eight weeks following treatment in a mid-stage study--cutting bad cholesterol levels while boosting levels of good cholesterol. That's

Merck cautiously upbeat on cholesterol drug

Merck is looking to succeed where Pfizer so spectacularly failed. Merck presented positive Phase II data for its CTEP inhibitor