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Latest Headlines

Amazon shares landmark cancer genome data sets on cloud platform

Amazon has made The Cancer Genome Atlas and The International Cancer Genome Consortium PanCancer data sets freely available through its cloud platform. The addition of the data sets continues Amazon's push to differentiate its cloud offering through the availability of data.

Amazon partners with Philips to unite medical device, app and EMR data in the cloud

The Internet of Things revolution for medical devices is here. And, not too surprisingly, it's being led by Amazon--yet another big-name tech contender working to get in on the evolution of healthcare via technology. Google, along with other big IT names such as IBM, Salesforce and Siemens, are all in the midst of trying to secure a profitable spot in next-gen healthcare.

Amazon, Google duke it out for control of cloud genomics

The battlefront between Amazon and Google covers a diverse range of fields, from online search and advertising, to smartphones and shopping. Increasingly, genomics is emerging as another hotspot, with both companies scrambling to establish themselves as the place to store and analyze DNA data.

Amazon's meeting with FDA starts the rumor mill turning

Amazon is the latest tech giant to consider expanding into healthcare, but details of the online retailer's plans are sketchy.

The Silicon Valley startups aiming to build Amazon for biotech R&D

When Y Combinator expanded into biotech, the startup incubator was effectively betting on the idea that IT has narrowed the gap between timelines and economics in life sciences and tech. The Wall Street Journal is the latest publication to profile the scene, picking out a batch of companies with similar models and ambitions to those featured by TechCrunch and FierceBiotechIT earlier this year.

Merck vaccine plant taps R&D's Big Data platform to solve yield conundrum

Having invested in data analytics platforms in recent years, pharma R&D labs are working to develop the drugs that will justify their spending. But the experience of Merck suggests the costs can be spread across the business, with manufacturing teams finding the data analytics tools as useful as their peers in R&D do.

Amazon, Baylor and DNAnexus team up for huge sequencing project

The scale of genomics sequencing projects continues to grow rapidly. Just as the 1,000 Genomes Project once dwarfed the Human Genome Project, now an initiative involving Amazon, Baylor College of Medicine and DNAnexus has surpassed both of them, generating 430 terabytes of data in the process.

Pharma twist in cloud computing rivalry

Google has upped its cloud-computing game with enhancements that rival Amazon's and could give customers more opportunities to tap cloud computing.

Amazon tempts pharma R&D outfits with low-cost data storage

Amazon has revealed a new cloud-based service called Glacier for archiving large amounts data on the cheap.

AstraZeneca taps Amazon-like service for outsourcing research

At AstraZeneca ($AZN), scientists can search a virtual research exchange to shop for services from contract research groups in a similar fashion to browsing an online marketplace such as Amazon.com ($AMZN).