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Latest Headlines

Alzheimer's investigators at Gladstone find a drug target for guarding memories

Building on research into the way in which glial cells called astrocytes store memories, a group of investigators at the Gladstone Institutes has zeroed in on a particular target--A2A adenosine receptors--that could play a role in preventing one of the most devastating symptoms of Alzheimer's.

J&J partners with AC Immune on anti-tau Alzheimer's vaccine

Scientists don't fully understand what causes Alzheimer's disease yet and success on the vaccines front has been limited, but Johnson & Johnson and Swiss biopharma AC Immune will nonetheless be partnering to develop a therapeutic vaccine for the disease.

J&J steps in with a $509M-plus deal to partner on a tau vaccine for Alzheimer's

After diving deep into the amyloid beta theory on Alzheimer's and coming up empty-handed--so far--Johnson & Johnson is partnering with Switzerland's AC Immune on an early-stage therapeutic vaccine that targets tau tangles as a prime suspect in triggering the memory-wasting ailment.

Northwestern team claims they found the right way to ID Alzheimer's early on

Longtime Alzheimer's researcher William Klein led a team of investigators at Northwestern University which developed a new imaging technology they say can flag the neurodegenerative disease at a very early stage of development, possibly highlighting a fresh approach for developing new therapies as well as testing them at a point when treatments may still be effective.

J&J, Lundbeck spearhead an R&D consortium focused on depression, neurodegeneration

Johnson & Johnson and Lundbeck are throwing some scientific muscle behind a new initiative at the Wellcome Trust which enlisted researchers at 7 top academic research institutions in an effort to determine what role the immune system and inflammation play in depression and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

Roche scuttles PhIII Alzheimer's study in yet another setback for the field

Yet another big Phase III test of an experimental Alzheimer's drug has flopped. And this time it's Roche's turn to admit defeat.

Lund researchers develop Alzheimer's-in-a-dish model

Animal models tend to leave a lot to be desired when it comes to Alzheimer's research. As a result, there's been considerable activity in developing an "Alzheimer's-in-a-dish" model, and investigators at Lund University in Sweden say they've been making progress on that front.

Study highlights potential biomarker for early Alzheimer's

A new study presented at the Radiological Society of North America highlighted changes in brain connections that could be spotted in an MRI and may offer an imaging biomarker for early Alzheimer's.

After numerous setbacks, Eli Lilly mounts another pivotal assault on Alzheimer's

Eli Lilly's never-say-die strategy for Alzheimer's has inspired another high-risk campaign in the clinic. The shrinking pharma giant--about to be bumped from the top 10 by a growing Actavis--has launched its pivotal Phase II/III study of its BACE drug for Alzheimer's, newly partnered with AstraZeneca.

Genentech R&D team fixes a flawed approach to Alzheimer's

Roche never publicly described what went wrong with its early-stage BACE drug for Alzheimer's when it killed the program. But a new study from the pharma giant's Genentech unit outlines the potential threat one of their BACE efforts posed to patients--and how they've managed to adjust for it in animal studies that may well open the door to new human trials.