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Latest Headlines

Nestlé seeks to deploy its diagnostics device for the early detection of Alzheimer's

Tech titans like Google, Samsung and Apple have clear med tech ambitions. Now a food giant is trying to grab a slice of the pie. The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences SA seeks to deploy its proprietary diagnostic technology platform to develop an assay for the early detection of Alzheimer's.

Gene variant linked to a 10-year delay in Alzheimer's onset

By studying a group of outliers in a Colombian family known for the prevalence of early-onset Alzheimer's, investigators at UC Santa Barbara believe they may have fingered a new drug target that could delay the disease by a decade or more.

Lilly's CEO keeps faith in the pipeline as biotech gets 'too expensive'

Eli Lilly is staking its future on a pair of high-stakes Phase III programs, shying away from any big biotech buyouts as sticker prices continue to soar.

New York startup trots out video game-like screening device for Alzheimer's

As scientists zero in on quick, inexpensive ways to screen for Alzheimer's, a New York startup is developing a video game-like tool for catching early signs of the disease.

Boehringer dumps its Alzheimer's BACE pact with Vitae

Shares of Vitae Pharmaceuticals dropped 5% this morning after the biotech reported that Boehringer Ingelheim had decided to dump its collaboration on a new BACE program for Alzheimer's.

NYU Langone team spotlights new antibodies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

With the Alzheimer's Association International Conference underway in Washington, DC, there's been a big focus on the late-stage pipeline. But scientists at NYU Langone Medical Center were focused on new animal data that they say supports work on a new group of antibodies that can tackle two of the chief culprits behind the brain-damaging disease.

Another Alzheimer's upstart swings for a $150M IPO with a PhIII contender

On the heels of Axovant Sciences and its $315 million IPO bash, another small drugmaker is setting its sights on Wall Street with a late-stage Alzheimer's treatment and hopes of raking in more than $150 million.

AC Immune snags milestone as Genentech picks Alzheimer's asset to advance to clinic

AC Immune has picked up a milestone payment in its CHF 400 million ($421 million) anti-tau collaboration with Genentech. The Roche subsidiary handed over the cash after selecting a tau-targeting antibody developed in the collaboration to advance toward the clinic.

UC San Diego accuses USC of conspiring to grab Alzheimer's research, funding

Universities regularly woo top scientists from rival institutions, recruiting not only high-profile individuals but their lab teams as well in the hope of bagging promising science and the millions in federal funding that go along with it. But in a rare confrontation, UC San Diego has sued USC and research scientist Paul Aisen for an alleged conspiracy to purloin data and investigators involved in prominent Alzheimer's research work.

Roche forced to concede another flop for Alzheimer's program

You can score another setback for Roche's star-crossed attempt to develop a new drug for Alzheimer's. Roche partner Evotec reported that their drug sembragiline failed a Phase IIB study.