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Latest Headlines

Rep slaps King with the latest overtime suit

If at first you don't succeed at winning overtime pay, try again. At least that's the strategy of a former King Pharmaceuticals sales rep, who's suing the company for denying overtime for him and

King reps lose fight for overtime pay

In the ongoing fight about sales rep overtime pay, chalk up a win for management. As BNet Pharma reports, reps at King Pharmaceuticals' (NYSE: KG) Alpharma unit lost their bid to break out of the

King, J&J announce big buyouts

Two big deals hit the papers today: King Pharmaceuticals is taking over Alpharma, and Johnson & Johnson has inked an agreement to buy Omrix. Together they amount to more than $2 billion in

King nabs Alpharma for $1.6B

King Pharmaceuticals, which has been courting Alpharma for months now, has finally gotten its wish. Alpharma rejected King's first offer of $1.4 billion back in September--although it was a 49

FDA: Embeda could carry abuse risk

FDA staffers have expressed concern that Alpharma's powerful painkiller Embeda could be abused even though the company designed the drug not to be. Embeda contains morphine sulfate and Duramorph.

King extends offer in hostile bid for Alpharma

King Pharmaceuticals isn't backing off its hostile bid to acquire Alpharma. Today King announced that it is extending its tender offer for Class A Alpharma shares to November 21. The $37 per share

King gets access to Alpharma books

Methinks Alpharma did protest too much. The hard-to-get target of King Pharmaceuticals' takeover suit, Alpharma

King responds to Alpharma's rejection

After issuing its second bid, King warned Alpharma that it wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

Alpharma rejects King's bid--again

King Pharmaceuticals can join the ranks of scorned

Alpharma considers King's offer

Following King Pharmaceuticals' beefed-up bid, Alpharma's board is urging shareholders not to