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Latest Headlines

Alnylam and Isis strengthen RNAi alliance, agree to swap IP

Alnylam and Isis Pharmaceuticals announced an intellectual property cross-licensing agreement that they hope will leave them both better equipped to deal with the challenges of developing the first commercial RNAi therapy, including utilization of the promising but still-unproven RNA interference drug delivery pathway, and sometimes jittery investors.

RNAi specialist Alnylam to focus on three therapeutic areas

Saying it is on track to exceed its goal of having 5 key products in clinical development through 2015, Alnylam recently announced that it intends to focus on three strategic therapeutic areas, or what it dubs "STArs," as it races to commercialize its first candidate delivered using the RNAi pathway and reassure sometimes antsy investors.

Alnylam says it wants to enter larger disease areas using partnership-driven approach

RNAi specialist Alnylam is focusing on rare diseases at the moment (with the exception of hepatitis B), but Chief Business Officer Laurence Reid told investors at the Leerink Rare Disease Roundtable conference that the company is also looking to enter bigger markets via partnerships.

Patent Office grants Alnylam new claims on its RNAi delivery method

Alnylam announced July 22 that its intellectual property estate has been strengthened due to the U.S. Patent Office's issuance of a Notice of Allowance for claims in one of its patent applications that covers "chemically modified RNA therapeutics conjugated with an N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) ligand independent of length, sequence, or disease target," according to a statement. 

The year in nanotech drug delivery

Here at FierceDrugDelivery, we write often about innovations in nanotechnology as it becomes more and more important in the delivery field. These advances are mostly in the very early stages, but they're still promising as the delivery field moves even further into the nanoscale.

Alnylam pockets $7M from Genzyme as RNAi program hums along

Gene-silencing expert Alnylam is $7 million richer thanks to some positive mid-stage results for its Genzyme-licensed RNA-interference candidate, and the Cambridge, MA, company is looking to be the first to market with the difficult-to-deliver class of treatments.

Alnylam heralds positive results for RNAi amyloidosis drug

Alnylam, a specialist in RNAi drug delivery, welcomed positive results in an early-stage trial of its treatment designed to silence the gene that causes a rare, deadly form of the disease amyloidosis. The data establish human translation for Alnylam's conjugate delivery platform, the company says.

UPDATED: Regulus completes $49M public offering to support microRNA tech

Regulus Therapeutics, a biotech using microRNA as a target for drug delivery, raised nearly $49 million through a public offering completed Tuesday, up from an anticipated $43 million.

Alnylam reports two more positive trials in RNAi arena

Alnylam chugged along this week in its efforts to advance its line of RNAi drugs to the market, notching positive results for two of its candidates in Phase II and preclinical trials.

Alnylam posts positive preclinical RNAi delivery results for fatal conditions

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals heralded positive preclinical data for its RNAi drug that targets a specific protein to treat a range of life-threatening diseases.