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Latest Headlines

Valeant plots big DTC push for Xifaxan while rival Actavis drug waits on DEA

Last week, the FDA approved both Valeant's Xifaxan and Actavis' new Viberzi to treat IBS-D. And now, the market will get to watch what Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal deemed an "interesting test" of two company approaches as the pair competes for uptake.

Who needs a hard switch? Namenda XR ad campaign is already bolstering conversions

​Actavis may have lost its court bid to "hard switch" original Namenda users to Namenda XR, but that's all the more reason to continue its aggressive marketing of the newer one-a-day Alzheimer's pill.

No Namenda hard switch? No problem, Actavis execs say, with Namzaric on the horizon

Actavis hit a hurdle for Alzheimer's blockbuster Namenda when a court nixed its plot to force patients over to a new, long-acting formula. But as the Dublin drugmaker waits for an answer from an appeals court, it's got a backup plan in place--one that's going very well, execs say.

That Namenda hard switch Actavis wants? It could cost HHS $6B

Actavis said last month it stood to lose $200 million in sales if an appeals court didn't let it force patients over to a new, patent-protected version of Alzheimer's treatment Namenda before generics hit. But if it does? The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) predicts it'll cost the federal government $6 billion at the least.

Next DTC push for Linzess: Spotlight patients, with big salesforce backup

With Actavis and Ironwood's first DTC campaign for GI med Linzess, the goal was to help patients identify irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) and chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) by clearly communicating the symptoms. Now that the team is back with its sophomore DTC effort, the goal is to encourage patients to find a solution to their problems. A branded, prescription solution.

UPDATED: FDA approves Actavis intrauterine device to prevent pregnancy

Actavis announced FDA approval of its drug delivering intrauterine device, Liletta, as a form of reversible contraception.

Actavis CEO: We may be big, but we don't want to be Big Pharma

Big Pharma or "growth pharma"? Actavis CEO Brent Saunders is aiming for the latter. Though his company is expected to rank among the industry's top 10 after closing its Allergan buy later this year, Saunders says Actavis won't act like a Big Pharma. What's the difference? He has some ideas.

Actavis revs up new commercial team for post-Allergan-merger sales race

Before Actavis swooped in to grab Allergan from hostile suitor Valeant, analysts said a tie-up between the two could create a marketing superpower. Now, a month after Actavis and Allergan announced their merger agreement, the drugmakers have a plan they think can make that happen.

Marketing lesson from Actavis' Namenda ruling: For a hard switch, keep your mouths shut

Last week, a New York judge called a halt on Actavis' plan to pull Namenda off the market, throwing off its strategy for switching patients to a newer extended-release version. On Monday, the judge nixed Actavis' attempt to block the injunction.

Analysts: Actavis-Allergan deal could create a marketing superpower

Valeant's been pursing Allergan for months now, but the California-based drugmaker may soon have another bid, too.