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Latest Headlines

AbbVie nabs FDA's orphan drug tag for Humira in HS

AbbVie is working to lessen its reliance on blockbuster Humira, which is already facing biosimilar competition in India. But it's also working to broaden the drug's label, and on that front, it got a boost from the FDA on Friday.

Big Pharma's a C student, rep study finds, with Bayer at the top, Novartis at bottom

When it comes to Big Pharma's reputation, "average" says it all. That's the story from the research firm Reputation Institute, which perennially puts major drugmakers right smack in the middle of its scorecard. In other words, pharma is a C student.

AdverseEvents: New generation of hep C meds bests older therapies in side-effect reports

A new generation of hep C therapies could offer key safety advantages over older treatments, as a recent analysis by healthcare informatics firm AdverseEvents found that Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi and Harvoni were linked to fewer serious side effects in postmarketing data.

Tiny drugmakers top list of most profitable, but Shire and Gilead are there, too

Who are the most profitable companies in healthcare? Drug companies, with 7 out of 10 slots on a ranking by profit margin. Who are the most profitable drug companies? You might scratch your heads at all but a couple of names.

AbbVie gets a 'breakthrough' for one of its top cancer drugs

A couple of months ago, AbbVie pointed to its late-stage cancer drug venetoclax (ABT-199) as a prime reason it was willing to pay a dizzying $21 billion in order to acquire Imbruvica-maker Pharmacyclics. Matching the blood cancer blockbuster with its experimental therapy would help amp up its market reach, said AbbVie. And the FDA has now boosted that argument with its breakthrough therapy designation for venetoclax, possibly opening the door to a swifter approval path.

Galapagos dials up IPO target as AbbVie asks for $30M stake

Galapagos has increased the amount it hopes to raise in its upcoming Nasdaq IPO to $230 million (€203 million) after AbbVie placed a provisional order for a $30 million stake. The order adds a subplot to the ongoing speculation about whether AbbVie will take up its $200 million option to buy into Galapagos' rheumatoid arthritis program or acquire the company outright.

From the pharma C-suite: Notable, quotable remarks on Asia, emerging markets for Q1 (Part 3)

FiercePharmaAsia  combs earnings calls by major drug companies for notable and quotable nuggets on emerging markets and Asia to track the latest sales trends and insight into business outlooks in markets as diverse as China, India and Japan to Southeast Asia.

Galapagos' arthritis drug shines in another PhIIb study as M&A rumors simmer

Galapagos' AbbVie-partnered rheumatoid arthritis drug hit the mark in another Phase IIb trial, stoking rumors that the Belgian biotech could be in the M&A crosshairs.

AbbVie says disappointing Viekira sales numbers are misleading

AbbVie's Humira is riding high, as usual--but according to the company's execs, in the U.S., it's riding higher than ever. The company's going to need to apply that market-share magic to new launch Viekira Pak, which fell short of analysts' Q1 sales estimates. But that effort is already going better than investors may think, management says.

Roche, Amgen, Novo top the ranks in biologics sales, with AbbVie, Sanofi close behind

The world's top sellers of the world's top biologic meds haven't changed much in the last few years. Ranked by 2014 sales, it's your usual suspects--Roche, Amgen, Novo Nordisk, AbbVie. But as PMLiVE notes in its annual ranking, times are a-changing.