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Latest Headlines

Baxalta and Momenta target Humira with a Phase III biosimilar trial

Partners Baxalta and Momenta Pharmaceuticals are setting sights on the world's top-selling drug with a biosimilar of their own, moving into Phase III with a copy of AbbVie's cornerstone medicine.

Galapagos pushing to find partner to replace AbbVie by year end

Galapagos is looking to bounce back quickly from AbbVie's decision to walk away from their rheumatoid arthritis alliance. The aim is to have a new partnership deal in place by the end of the year, giving Galapagos the support it needs to go head-to-head with ally-turned-rival AbbVie in the scrap for the rheumatoid arthritis market.

AbbVie wins Viekirax nod in Japan as expected with competition seen tight

As signaled in the second-quarter earnings call, AbbVie's received approval in Japan for Viekirax, the oral interferon- and ribavirin-free combination therapy for hepatitis C, establishing an important beachhead for the company in Asia's top reimbursement market.

AbbVie dumps Galapagos' arthritis drug and presses on with its own

AbbVie is backing out of a roughly $1.4 billion deal with Galapagos, picking an internal rheumatoid arthritis treatment over the one it licensed from the Belgian biotech.

AbbVie has plenty of cost-cutting room if Humira sales hit the skids: analyst

Some industry watchers foresee biosimilars gutting Humira sales not too far into the future, though maker AbbVie disagrees.

Fretting about potential Humira pain for AbbVie? Take heart in potential cost cuts

Some industry-watchers foresee biosimilars gutting Humira sales not too far into the future, though maker AbbVie disagrees. If that scenario does play out, though? The Illinois pharma has room to pare down its marketing expenses, according to one analyst.

M&A-minded AbbVie snaps up JPMorgan's dealmaking hotshot

AbbVie could use some M&A to help it diversify beyond best-seller Humira, a popular biosimilar target. And that's something its newest hire knows a thing or two about.

AbbVie edges closer to Imbruvica deal payoff with another FDA filing

AbbVie and Johnson & Johnson are one step closer to a new use for Imbruvica. The companies went to the FDA with an app for first-line use in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), in a march toward a set of new indications the companies will need to hit their ambitious goals for the med.

UPDATED: AbbVie scores FDA approval for expanded Humira label

AbbVie wants to get the most that it can out of blockbuster Humira before biosimilars in the U.S. and Europe come knocking. Part of that plan involves expanding the drug's label, and the Illinois pharma recently notched a win as the FDA approved Humira to treat a rare inflammatory skin disease.

BMS, AbbVie nab 'breakthrough' tag for multiple myeloma-fighting antibody

A new drug for blood cancer from Bristol-Myers Squibb and AbbVie is on the fast track to FDA approval, winning a priority review to treat multiple myeloma.