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Latest Headlines

Take two: Is Clovis Oncology a buyout target?

In the absence of an actual biotech buyout to report, speculation will have to do. Bloomberg put the spotlight on Clovis Oncology, which reportedly tried to sell itself a couple of years ago--a mention of which usually causes Clovis CEO Patrick Mahaffy's eyes to start rolling. Why Clovis?

Stellar Humira sales underscore AbbVie's need for replacement meds

AbbVie's working toward solutions to protect its top line against Humira's inevitable decline. For now, though, its workhorse is still getting the job done, and it delivered yet another double-digit leap in Q1 to help the company beat expectations.

AbbVie, Infinity tout preclinical evidence of a cancer combo's potential

Preclinical research can play a big role in pursuing new combination therapies. Case in point: Infinity's duvelisib (IPI-145). Partnered with AbbVie, investigators have gone back to the lab to help establish what the PI3K-delta/gamma inhibitor might best be paired with. And not too surprisingly they concluded that AbbVie's BCL-2 protein inhibitor venetoclax (ABT-199) might make a good match.

Careful, European drugmakers. Fitch says M&A may be a bit too heated

Fitch Ratings is raising the flag on pharma M&A. The credit ratings agency says the current spate of dealmaking is putting some pressure on European Big Pharma players.

AbbVie moves closer to Japan's crowded hep C field with priority review nod

AbbVie's used to heavy hep C competition thanks to combo drug Viekira Pak, which has squared off against Gilead's Harvoni in the U.S. But now, the Illinois drugmaker is one step closer to a hep C approval in Japan, where it'll be a whole different ballgame.

Could a restructuring help protect AbbVie when revenue troubles hit?

It's no secret that AbbVie's sales are in for a shock once generic competition starts eating away at behemoth Humira. But worry not, investors: The company will be able to shield its EPS from the hit when the time comes, one analyst believes.  

States limit access to hep C meds amid pricing battle

As hep C drugmakers such as Gilead Sciences and AbbVie continue to duke it out for dominance, there is one piece of the market both sides are battling to claim: state Medicaid programs.

Watch out for a two-front hep C price war when Merck's combo hits

Think we've seen a hepatitis C drug price war? Think again. This first round of pay-to-play formulary deals may pale in comparison to what's coming next year, as Merck & Co. gets closer to launching its two-drug combo pill.

Big Pharma joins the U.K.'s genomics project with eyes on drug discovery

A group of the world's leading drugmakers have joined the U.K.'s ambitious initiative to sequence the genomes of 100,000 Britons, mining the data with hopes of finding new pathways to treat cancer and rare diseases.

What does Merck's $10B buyback plan say about pharma M&A?

Adding $10 billion to its stock buyback program might mean Merck & Co. wants to keep investors happy as its sales continue to shrink. That would be the typical explanation. But  The Wall Street Journal  sees a different possibility--one the rest of the industry might want to pay attention to.