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Latest Headlines

Genentech begins search for bioinformatics chief after Gentleman leaves for 23andMe

The fight for top bioinformatics talent is heating up. With 23andMe poaching Robert Gentleman from Genentech, the Roche-owned Big Biotech now finds itself competing with the likes of Google's Calico in its hunt for a replacement.

23andMe-style sequencing project taps Facebook in pursuit of 20,000 participants

Researchers at the University of Michigan are trying to speed toward their goal of enrolling 20,000 people in a study by piggybacking onto Facebook's vast social network. And the genotypic and phenotypic data gathering project is off to a brisk start, with more than 2,000 people signing up in the days after its public launch.

23andMe poaches another Genentech vet as it delves into biotech

23andMe, the Silicon Valley maker of personalized gene tests, has picked off another Genentech luminary to help it evolve into a biotech company, recruiting the famed drugmaker's head of bioinformatics.

23andMe dives into retail with U.K. deal for personal genome service

23andMe is making its first foray into retail, teaming up with U.K. health and beauty company Superdrug to sell its genetic tests in the country.

23andMe launches new therapeutics group with biotech vet taking the reins

23andMe has charted a different course since running afoul of the FDA for its genetic testing products in 2013, inking deals with biopharma heavyweights to provide genomic data for drug development. Now the Google-backed company is riding the tailwinds of change, unveiling a new therapeutics group with a biotech veteran at its helm.

Consumer diagnostics player 23andMe officially pivots to add drug discovery

23andMe has brought in the former EVP of research and early development from Genentech, Richard Scheller, as CSO and head of a newly created therapeutics group. The move seems likely to be a precursor to a major cash infusion.

23andMe dives into biotech with Genentech R&D star Richard Scheller on board

Since its foundation in 2006, 23andMe has gathered genetic info on more than 850,000 people by processing spit tests at $99 a pop. Now the Mountain View, CA, outfit is planning to mine that trove of data for drug targets, transforming into a biotech company and hiring a decorated ex-Genentech luminary to steer the way.

23andMe scores FDA OK to market genetic carrier test direct to consumers

23andMe nabbed FDA clearance to market its genetic carrier test directly to consumers, a big win for the company as it continues to get back in the agency's good graces and expand the reach for its genetic tests.

23andMe nabs FDA marketing clearance for direct-to-consumer genetic carrier test

23andMe scored FDA clearance to market its direct-to-consumer genetic carrier test for Bloom syndrome, a crucial win for the company as it continues to make good with the agency and expand the reach for its genetic tests.

23andMe inks Pfizer deal, eyes 2015 resolution of FDA dispute

Days after unveiling a $60 million deal with Genentech, personal genomics pioneer 23andMe struck a new database-driven collaboration with Pfizer. There is even talk of a possible resolution with the FDA in 2015.