Top 50 Industry Voices in Biotech Twittersphere -- 2012


Jonathan Eisen (@phylogenomics)--Biologist, open-access champion

Organization: University of California, Davis
Followers: Nearly 13K

Profile: Eisen is a leading voice among academics calling for unfettered access to scientific manuscripts and research, believing strongly that restricted access stymies progress. He practices what he preaches, serving as the academic editor-in-chief of PLOS Biology, the free open-access answer to journals such as Nature and Science that still operate on subscription models.

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson (@seattlemamadoc)-- Mom, pediatrician, blogger

Organization: Seattle Children's Hospital
Followers: 11K-plus

Profile: What's more important to parents than the health of their children? Swanson provides many thoughts about pediatric health via her active Twitter account and on her blog, Seattle Mama Doc. She's not a biotech person, but biotech people might have an interest in understanding the needs of pediatric patients.

Jason Napodano (@jnapodano)--Sell-side biotech analyst

Organization: Zacks Investment Research
Followers: 6K-plus

Profile: Napodano brings perspectives on the activities of both Big Pharma and small drug developers, as he's spent years analyzing both for Zacks. He's now dedicated to analyzing small-cap biotech outfits at the firm, where he's the managing director of institutional equity research, according to his bio. On Twitter, he knows when he's got something useful to say, which is often, and when to back off on other topics with which he's less familiar.

Marion Nestle (@marionnestle)--Scientist/Academic

Organization: New York University
Followers: 92K-plus

Profile: A molecular biologist by training, Nestle is a leading scholar in nutrition and a frequent commentator on the topic via her blog, She also authored a illuminating book about nutrition called Food Politics. Nutrition, and lack of it, have had a tremendous influence on the biopharma industry and its decisions to invest in new drugs against diabetes, obesity and other conditions.

Alan Maynard (@profalanmaynard)--Health economics professor

Organization: University of York 
Followers: 4K-plus

Profile: As budget crises in Europe deal blows to pharma, industry professionals ignore healthcare economics at their peril. Maynard is an authority on the topic of healthcare economics and has been a scholar in the field for decades, contributing to policy at NHS to grant reimbursement to pharmaceuticals based on evidence of effectiveness.

Chris Gunter (@girlscientist)--Geneticist, writer/editor, nonprofit strategist

Organization: Girlscientist Consulting
Followers: 5K-plus

Profile: Gunter blends her experiences in academia and as a former editor for Nature and other publications to provide educated insights on life sciences via Twitter. She's a communications consultant and serves as director of research affairs at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in her state of residence, Alabama.

Bruce Booth (@LifeSciVC)--Venture capitalist, blogger

Organization: Atlas Venture
Followers: 3K-plus

Profile: Bruce is the author of the blog Life Sci VC and is a regular contributor to Forbes. He provides a unique take on biotech through the lens of someone actively investing in new companies. I'm unaware of another biotech VC as engaged in social media as Bruce. He's an essential source for those who follow early-stage biotech and investing in drug discovery.

Dr. Val Jones (@drval)--Enterprising healthcare blogger

Organization: Better Health
Followers: 12K-plus 

Profile: If you like a side of health tips with your main course of biotech news, Jones provides an ample amount of the the former via Twitter and her growing network of healthcare blogs at Better Health.

Noam Wasserman (@noamwass)--Business professor, author

Organization: Harvard Business School
Followers: Nearly 4K

Profile: The HBS professor penned The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup, an Amazon bestseller. Though not specific to biotech, Wasserman tweets about fiscal issues and entrepreneurship, which are both important to success in life sciences ventures.

Dan Vorhaus (@genomicslawyer)--Attorney focused on life sciences

Organization: Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson
Followers: 5K-plus

Profile: Vorhaus, a Harvard-trained attorney, tweets frequently about news and events concerning genomics and personalized medicine. Personalized medicine often brings a host of legal questions, and Vorhaus tackles some of these in his Genomics Law Report. And you know his tweets are made with care because, well, he's a lawyer.