Top 5 dealmakers in licensing and joint venture for the first half of 2012

Products and platform technologies

Company: Roche/Genentech ($RHHBY)
Total: $1.37B
Partners and announced deal size: Xenon (discovery, $646M), AC Immune (preclinical, $418 million) and Savira (preclinical, $302 million)
Focus: Neurology and infectious diseases, small molecules

Company: Abbott ($ABT)
Total: $1.37B
Partners: Galapagos (Phase II, $1.35B); Apricus ($16M, approved)
Focus: Autoimmune/inflammatory and genitourinary, small molecules

Company: Merck ($MRK)
Total: $1.3 billion
Partners: Endocyte ($1B, Phase III); Ambrx ($303M, Discovery)
Focus: Cancer, small molecules and antibodies

Company: Boehringer Ingelheim
Total: $815M
Partner: Forma Therapeutics
Focus: Cancer discovery, small molecules

Company: Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ)
Partner: Forma Therapeutics
Total: $700M
Focus: Cancer discovery, small molecules


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