London-based Heptares Therapeutics is entering the race to develop a migraine drug that targets calcitonin gene-related peptide, thanks to a $5 million payment…

A Cedars-Sinai-led team has developed a treatment for fractured bone using ultrasound, stem cells and gene therapy.

Researchers led by McGill University are investigating whether the diabetes drug metformin might effectively treat fragile X syndrome, a cause of autism.

A team from the Carnegie Institution for Science has visualized, for the first time, how fats are metabolized in zebrafish.

Harvard professor Timothy Springer spoke to FierceBiotechResearch about the new Institute for Protein Innovation, which he created to further the development…

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon are developing a technique to relieve Parkinson's symptoms by flipping certain neurons on and off with light.

A Medical University of South Carolina team found one possible explanation for why engineered T-cell therapies don't work for everyone: blood platelets.

NIH-backed researchers found a gene mutation that may spur the decline of memory and thinking skills in people at risk for Alzheimer’s.

Scientists at the Salk Institute have landed on a compound that improves exercise endurance in mice.