A Cedars-Sinai-led team has developed a treatment for fractured bone using ultrasound, stem cells and gene therapy.

Researchers led by McGill University are investigating whether the diabetes drug metformin might effectively treat fragile X syndrome, a cause of autism.

A team from the Carnegie Institution for Science has visualized, for the first time, how fats are metabolized in zebrafish.

A South Korean team created a treatment that penetrates tumor cells to target RAS proteins activated by a mutation that was previously considered "…

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon are developing a technique to relieve Parkinson's symptoms by flipping certain neurons on and off with light.

A Medical University of South Carolina team found one possible explanation for why engineered T-cell therapies don't work for everyone: blood platelets.

NIH-backed researchers found a gene mutation that may spur the decline of memory and thinking skills in people at risk for Alzheimer’s.

Scientists at the Salk Institute have landed on a compound that improves exercise endurance in mice.

Scientists at Sanford Burnham have identified the mechanism that causes muscle cells to stop regenerating, which could lead to methods for slowing age-related…