Scientists at the University of Queensland in Australia have discovered cells in the zebrafish brain that clear out cellular waste and may be protective in the…

Scientists have identified an enzyme that’s crucial to repairing damaged mitochondrial DNA—a finding they believe will enhance the search for effective…

The beta blocker carvedilol may see new life as a sunscreen, thanks to researchers who found that the drug may prevent sun damage that leads to skin cancer.

Scientists at the University of Maryland have identified thousands of cancer-causing genetic mutations using a method that may lead to new targeted treatments.

Canadian researchers are attacking drug-resistant bacteria via a pathway that many of them share.

Scientists at Rockefeller University have created an entirely new species to attack treatment-resistant infectious bacteria.

Most research aimed at finding an HIV cure is focused on wiping out the virus from immune cells, but a new discovery suggests a different approach is in order.

A Broad Institute-led team created a CRISPR-based diagnostic that can detect Zika virus in blood, urine or saliva.