Most progeria researchers focus on the genetic mutation that causes the disease, but a Houston Methodist team is targeting the shortening of telomeres.

A University of Missouri-led team developed a new gene transfer method to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

PARP inhibitor Lynparza may be able to kill cancer cells that don’t have BRCA mutations—provided it’s paired with a helper compound.

The past week saw scientific advances in drug delivery, bladder cancer and the genetic underpinnings of depression.

An international group of scientists is turning to a surprising ally in the quest to develop an HIV vaccine: the cow.

Feinstein Institute-led researchers used an Alzheimer’s drug to reduce inflammation in people with metabolic syndrome.

Targeting a cell process that promotes protein clumping could lead to new drugs for ALS.

This past week ushered in new discoveries in flu prevention, pancreatic cancer and HIV.