Helomics is partnering with Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse to establish an incubator for diagnostics and precision medicine.

University of Pittsburgh scientists have developed a new test that spots dormant HIV and is faster and cheaper than current tests.

The key to strengthening the lungs of premature babies may be held by spiders—namely, the way they spin their webs.

Researchers from the University of Rochester's Center for RNA Biology are investigating CRISPR/CAS9 as a way to slow the growth of cancer cells.

Neuroscientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital were searching for clues to the development of MS when they found an antibody with cancer-fighting…

Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys have identified a compound that prevents Zika infection by blocking the virus’ protease function.

London-based Heptares Therapeutics is entering the race to develop a migraine drug that targets calcitonin gene-related peptide, thanks to a $5 million payment…

A Cedars-Sinai-led team has developed a treatment for fractured bone using ultrasound, stem cells and gene therapy.