Shire's self-described blockbuster eye drug lines up for FDA do-over

Shire's once-rejected treatment for dry eye disease has another date with the FDA, supported by new data the company believes will get the drug on the market and eventually help bring in more than $1 billion in annual revenue.

OncoGenex slashes 27% of its payroll as its pipeline promise fades

Bothell, WA-based biotech OncoGenex is laying off nearly a third of its workforce to conserve cash as it holds out hope for its lead cancer program in a move designed to keep the doors open until Phase III results come in.

Marc Tessier-Lavigne named Stanford's next president

In this week's Chutes and Ladders, Marc Tessier-Lavigne was named president of Stanford University, Katie Wilson was named EVP of human resources at Gilead, and Osiris CEO Lode Debrabandere stepped down. Plus more hirings and retirings throughout the industry.

Hit with a storm of protest, LifeSci Advisors apologizes for its J.P. Morgan party

Next year at the big J.P. Morgan conference in San Francisco, don't be surprised by the absence of attractive models at the LifeSci Advisors after party--or any party in the area around Union Square.

French investigators to Biotrial: You should have stopped fatal study earlier

French Health Minister Marisol Touraine has criticized the CRO behind a botched drug trial that has seen one die and 5 others seriously ill for failing to stop the study.

U.K. public life science investment hits £1.3B; Mission bags £60M; Pierre Fabre starts VC fund

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, the London Stock Exchange said public life science investment hit a decade-long high in 2015. A bumper year for follow-on offerings drove the total investment up to £1.3 billion ($1.9 billion), a significant sum that masks the dearth of major IPOs. And more.

Thomson Reuters spotlights the R&D trends behind 2016's top blockbusters

Last year Thomson Reuters started 2015 by pegging 11 likely blockbusters in the late-stage pipeline. This year, that number has shrunk to 7, as rare diseases and new drug cocktails continue to grab the attention of the most ambitious players in the industry.

Osiris CEO steps down for 'personal reasons'

Osiris Therapeutics CEO Lode Debrabandere is resigning his position after 10 years at the company, citing "personal reasons."

Martin Shkreli takes the 5th, then turns to Twitter to blast 'imbeciles'

After trying his best to get out of appearing in front of a House committee, the recently indicted exec and all-round biotech bad boy Martin Shkreli showed up and asserted his 5th amendment right to avoid self-incrimination this morning, just as he said he would.

French authorities still don't know what happened in fatal drug trial

French health regulators have yet to determine exactly went wrong in a drug trial that left one volunteer dead last month, working to establish the cause of a Phase I disaster that has shaken up the drug industry.

Twist Bio's hard-charging CEO hit by claims she stole Agilent's trade secrets

Over the past year fast-growing Twist Bioscience has hurtled ahead under the guidance of CEO Emily Leproust. But on Wednesday, Leproust's former employer, Agilent, filed a lawsuit claiming that she had stolen the trade secrets that made her rapid success possible.

UPDATED: J&J goes all in with ViaCyte, hands over BetaLogics assets in hunt for diabetes cure

Back in the summer of 2014, J&J sunk $20 million into San Diego-based ViaCyte, picking up an option to acquire its lead therapy for Type 1 diabetes just as it was headed into human testing for the first time. But now, instead of buying it out, the pharma giant is handing over its in-house rival BetaLogics in New Jersey, merging the two operations and their accumulated intellectual property into a single, clinical-stage operation that will take a stab at developing a stem cell cure for diabetes.

InflaRx starts preparation for PhIIb septic organ dysfunction trial after clearing safety study

InflaRx has posted positive safety data from a Phase IIa trial of its treatment for early septic organ dysfunction. Having met the primary endpoints in the study, InflaRx is now sifting through the data ahead of planned meetings with regulators to discuss the design of a Phase IIb trial.

Pierre Fabre starts open-ended collaborative translational R&D fund

Pierre Fabre has entered the world of biotech investing with a vehicle for equity funding and R&D co-financing deals. But, while an open-ended sum of cash is theoretically available, the French firm is placing as much emphasis on the support it can provide fledgling biotechs at a critical stage of drug development.

Mission set to push Parkinson's, cancer drugs into PhI after scooping £60M

Mission Therapeutics is gearing up to move drugs from its Parkinson's disease and immuno-oncology programs into the clinic. The activity is to be fuelled by a £60 million ($88 million) investment, which has given the company the financial firepower to take a pair of programs based on its DUB platform through to Phase I data readouts over the next three to four years.

FierceBiotech Radio on Gilead's wide-open future, biotech's long winter and Sanofi's ongoing makeover

FiercePharma's Eric Palmer and FierceBiotech's Damian Garde discuss the future of Gilead Sciences, biotech's continued slump on Wall Street, and the latest move in Sanofi's efforts to right the ship.

Backed by a lineup of marquee VCs, Unity Biotechnology tackles the hard science of aging

Imagine a drug that could clear away "senescent" cells and make the life span allotted to you healthier, absent many of the myriad diseases that can accumulate with age. Some investigators have been working on that subject for more than a decade, and now a biotech is being launched to see if it can make that dream a reality.

U.K. keeps funding for clinical research sites flat through to 2022

The United Kingdom government is to pump £112 million ($160 million) into a network of clinical research facilities from 2017 to 2022. Officials see the investment bolstering the attractiveness of the U.K. as a location for early-stage research, but the facilities will need to pull off these improvements without the benefit of access to a meaningfully bigger pot of money.

Follow-on bonanza drives U.K. investment in life science stocks past £1B

At first glance, 2015 looks like the year the London Stock Exchange turned its back on biotech once again. Acacia Pharma and Shield Therapeutics both tried and failed to be 2015's Circassia, the big success story of 2014, leaving AIM listings and outliers such as PureTech as the most notable London IPOs of the year. And yet, from another angle, 2015 looks like a landmark year.

Gilead execs tick off its three top areas of M&A interest

Now that Gilead faces increased competition for its goliath share of the U.S. hep C market with Merck's fresh arrival on the scene, the Big Biotech is keeping a mental checklist of potential new collaborations and acquisitions that might help rev up some added excitement for the company's shares.