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Varian Harmonizes Systems to Help Save Lives

Whitepaper | Download Today | Sponsored by: SAP

Bloomberg Businessweek outlines how Varian Medical, manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions, introduced a lean, paperless product-design process, automated manufacturing and quality management, and improved collaboration from engineering and production. Download the case study today!

Analysis And Control Of Particles In Biopharmaceuticals

Whitepaper | Published: July 2014 | Published by: SGS

A key challenge faced by companies developing and manufacturing biologics is the control of particles in the final formulation. This article describes how to characterize particles, whether they are intrinsic or extrinsic, and how to control particles during the formulation process. Download Today.

Mitigating Phase 2 Development Risks

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Health Decisions

Phase 2 is the end of the road for many molecules and for others the source of later delays and denials. Learn techniques for mitigating the risks that threaten your development program in the new white paper, Mitigating Phase 2 Development Risks: Design and Operational Strategies and Case Studies for Phase 2 Success. Download the white paper today!

Real-Time Business Leads to Healthy Performance

Whitepaper | Download Today | Sponsored by: SAP

In a recent case study, Bloomberg Businessweek analyzes how CareFusion gets visibility into its global performance across the entire enterprise. The study also outlines how CareFusion benefits from simulations powered by in-memory computing technology, which improves the precision of its strategic decision making. Download the case study today!