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2015 L.E.K. Strategic Hospital Priorities Study: Hitting an Inflection Point for Hospital Suppliers and MedTechs

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: L.E.K. Consulting

The MedTech industry has hit an inflection point and opportunities abound for companies to deliver broader solutions that healthcare providers are looking for. L.E.K. Consulting presents a hospital segmentation framework that illustrates four dimensions of changes affecting providers and defines six main areas of strategic focus to drive success for MedTechs. Download White Paper Today.

Medical Writing and Technical Writing: Why you Need an Expert

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Watermark Research Partners

Medical and Technical writing is a complex challenge for pharmaceutical, biomedical, and medical device companies. A professional experienced medical and technical writing team can perform the tasks including the research, in a shorter period of time. Find out how we can help.

Survey | The Paperless TMF: An Industry Benchmark

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Veeva Systems

This research survey will examine industry attitudes toward electronic master files (eTMFs). How are eTMFs holding up against trial documents on paper? As a thank you for your time and input, the first 50 respondents will receive a $5 Amazon eCard. Complete the Survey Today!

Is Service a Cost? Or Revenue Stream?

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Watermark Research Partners

The long term success of any product depends on lifecycle performance. SteelHorse Medical offers a national technical services team that can perform field or factory repair, technical support, and all other Technical Service functions. Learn more and download today.

2015 Life Science Industry Trends – Focus on Measuring Training Effectiveness

Whitepaper | Published On: May 1, 2015 | Presented By: UL EduNeering

Advance beyond basic qualifications and identify skill gaps throughout the training process by utilizing learning tools that measure both technical and competency skills. Download the whitepaper today!