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The Basics of Biotech 101, 201 & 301

Webinar | Price: Individual Session: $129 | Full Series: $299

This 3-part webinar series is specifically geared toward the non-science professional who needs to better understand industry terminology, science, techniques and issues. This series provides an overview of the science and technology used to enable discovery and the processes scientists use to discover new therapeutics. Download now.

Successful collaboration in the virtual lab

Webinar | Thursday, July 30th | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Sponsored by: IDBS

With the relentless drive to reduce costs and increase innovation, B2B collaboration is increasingly becoming the mainstay of research and development (R&D). From pharmaceuticals to energy, healthcare to consumer goods, IDBS helps R&D teams make discoveries that have the potential to transform the lives of populations worldwide. Reserve Your Spot Today!

Taking Advantage of New FDA Programs for Expediting Drug Development

Webinar | SPONSORED BY: Appian | Wednesday, August 12th | 11am ET / 8am PT

Pharma companies can employ several strategies for obtaining expedited approvals-including, in some cases, acquiring them from other companies. This webinar will feature regulatory experts from the pharma industry who can provide tips on navigating these programs. Register Today!

Precision Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges for Clinical Trials

Webinar | Wednesday, September 2nd | 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT | Presented by: Medpace

In this webinar, Dr. Frank Smith will explore advances in precision medicine and how it is affecting clinical research. As a pediatric hematologist/oncologist, he will use his extensive clinical and research background as a backdrop for the discussion. Register Now!

How to enable anywhere, any data access without compromising security

Webinar | Thursday, September 24th | 1pm ET / 10am PT | Sponsored by: M-Files

This webinar will discus how the emergence of the ability to share documents and data across thousands of miles instantly has pulled biopharma companies in two opposing directions. Companies want, even need, the interconnectivity that is facilitated by the Internet, but feel equally strongly about controlling who can view and interact with their data. Register today!

Proactive Planning: How Supply Chain Risk Mapping Can Prevent Costly Disruptions

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Sponsored by: UPS

Biopharma companies can never eliminate the risk of supply chain disruption, but they can prevent some problems and prepare themselves for others. Knowing every company in the supply chain--from tier one down--and having contingency plans in place are essential steps to foreseeing and responding to disruptions. Maps of supply chain risks give companies this knowledge. Register to Watch Now!

Enabling Oral Delivery of Sensitive Molecules

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Presented by: Capsugel

Join us to learn how enteric capsule drug delivery technology can enable the oral delivery of sensitive molecules. Register to watch now!

Using the full design space poly(vinyl acetate) provides in the formulation of directly compressible sustained release tablets

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: BASF

In this webinar, Thorsten Cech will present the huge release design space that poly(vinyl acetate) provides for directly compressible sustained release formulations. Register today to watch now!

Adherence-Informed Clinical Trials to Achieve and Maintain Maximal Treatment Efficacy

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Presented By: MWV Healthcare

This webinar will address the impact of medication non-adherence in clinical trials. Accurate adherence measurement is necessary to evaluate a compound's true potential and increase the likelihood of a successful trial outcome. Register to Watch Now!

Virus Safety of Biopharmaceuticals: Risk Mitigation during Upstream and Downstream Operations

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Sponsored by: Catalent

This webinar will review regulatory guidance and practical strategies for designing viral clearance studies. These include appropriate scale-down of unit operations, virus spike-related considerations and validation (clearance evaluation) of manufacturing process steps. Reserve Your Spot Today!

Virtualizing High Performance Computing To Advance Science Research - A Roundtable Discussion

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Sponsored by: EMC

While virtualization is widely used in commercial enterprise environments, it has not to date played any significant role in High Performance Computing (HPC). During this webinar we discuss the promises and challenges in this new, emerging area. Register to watch now!

Using ePRO with Smart Devices: A Case Study

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Presented by: Rho

Interest in using electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) on smart devices is on the rise. In this webinar, Emily Cantrell and Becky Baggett will share lessons learned working on a large phase 3 pain study that utilizes ePRO on tablet devices. Register to Watch Now!

Supply Network Visibility for Emerging Biotechs

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Presented by: Collaborative Consulting

This webinar is the first in a series that explores insights and approaches to attaining drug supply integrity while addressing the challenges of disconnected, opaque supply networks and Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) regulatory compliance. Register to watch now!

Mitigating Risk and Speeding Development with Advanced Capsule Technology

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Presented by: Capsugel

This webinar will explore capsules' utility in a range of applications, including bioavailability enhancement, modified release, pediatric solutions, & fixed dose combinations. Learn more about how capsules enable rapid advancement of products built on QbD principles and supported by PAT. Register to watch now!

Delivering on the Vision of a Truly Integrated Customer Engagement Platform

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Presented by: Pegasystems and Telerx

Join Pegasystems and Telerx to learn how the Pega platform is being utilized to support a multi-tenant client environment to engage patients during all phases of a product's life cycle, through a central touchpoint. Register to Watch Now!

Maximizing the Value of Real World Evidence – How Life Sciences Organizations Can Benefit from Health Analytics

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: SAS

This webinar will bring together pharmaceutical executives and data-analytics experts to explain the basics of using data in health settings, the technology available for sifting through real-world data, and effective strategies for putting the data to work for the company. Reserve Your Spot Today!

A No-Nonsense Discussion About Life Science Data-Intensive Computing With SPARK

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: EMC

Scientific workflows like light-sheet microscopy and next generation sequencing are pushing research groups to develop new methods to deal with such data-intensive instrumentation. Current, mostly serialized analysis pipelines can often take days to run and often there is no 'right analysis'. Reserve today to watch now!

Lessons-learned from Executing Complex Medical Device Trials - Special focus on Cardiovascular Device

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Presented by: Medpace

Medpace uses its vast experience in CV trials as a backdrop to discuss the critical factors for designing and executing studies for complex and high-risk medical devices. Register to Watch Now!

Expanding The Face Of Meta-Data in Next Generation Sequencing - A Roundtable Discussion

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: EMC

Join this webinar to take part of the discussion evolving nature of metadata along with recent advancements and approaches developed by the IRODS Consortium and its members to capture, manage, and use meta-data to enable life science research workflows. Reserve today to watch now!

Worried about Your Next FDA Meeting? Key Tips to Make It a Success

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Presented by: Rho

Regulatory authority meetings require strategic preparation to ensure a successful outcome. In this webinar, Lauren Neighbours, Clinical Research Scientist, and Dana Minnick, Regulatory Scientist, discuss how to approach FDA meetings to get the most benefit for your development program. Register to Watch Now!

Key Scientific Considerations and Concepts in Developing a Global Observational Study Protocol

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Sponsored by: Parexel

This webinar will summarize the core scientific concepts needed to develop a global observational study protocol that describes or evaluates a therapeutic treatment in patients under conditions of usual care, in terms of clinical, humanistic and economic outcomes for a variety of key stakeholders. Register to watch now!

How to Build a TMF Strategy to be Inspection-ready

Webinar | Thursday, April 16th | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Sponsored by: Veeva Systems

Hear how Kythera Biopharmaceuticals reduced their TMF reconciliation time by 40% with their TMF strategy. Sign up for the webinar here.