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University of California starts its fightback against rival Broad Institute in their dispute over intellectual property for CRISPR-Cas9.

The decision follows a review that foresaw bleak prospects for the program and little reason to invest in its development.

Canaan will continuw the strategy that has delivered it paydays as companies including J&J and Teva have snapped up pieces of its portfolio.

Onconova is planning a sideways step for its lead cancer drug rigosertib—with help from a research consortium—that could open up new opportunities in rare…

The series B equips the biotech to take its lead treatment for multidrug-resistant Gram‐negative infections through clinical trials.

The Big Pharma wants to offload six phase 2 candidates to focus its R&D dollars on a clutch of early to midstage assets.

Rodeo has got off a $5.9 million series A financing round with a list of all-stars as backers.

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