The startup has secured the support of the ex-Sarepta CEO’s Xontogeny and $10 million to take a LANCL2-targeted IBD drug into the clinic.

Researchers at Duke University developing a glioblastoma treatment based on poliovirus are unraveling the process by which the virus fights malignancy.

Researchers at Sanofi and the NIH have published preclinical evidence showing that a three-pronged approach may prevent HIV in healthy people.

The FDA has cleared Arkis BioSciences’ catheter that relieves high brain pressure and other conditions by draining cerebrospinal fluid.

VC Lightstone has $250 million in the bank for life science research.

Concept Life Sciences has taken two new lab spaces at Alderley Park, adding 55 scientists to sustain its 30% year-over-year growth momentum.

Iontas will use its phage display libraries and other antibody discovery capabilities to provide Glythera with a key component of its planned ADCs.

Arcus has signed a deal with Taiho that provides a healthy cash injection while keeping rights in the U.S. and other markets in hand.

A 20-patient study showed its ultrasound PAD balloon was effective in patients with arterial blockage below the knee.