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Unleashing Innovation: A New Obesogenic NASH Model with High Clinically Translational Power

60 Minutes

Are you curious about cutting-edge advancements in NASH disease research?

Join us for an exciting look at the innovative new drug R&D strategies behind a novel NAFLD/NASH animal model. See how this recent development delivers key insights into liver diseases as it mirrors real patient experiences. We’ll take a deep dive into in vitro phenotypic models, the utilization of human cells, and the effects of Resmetirom on inhibiting fat accumulation.

What to Expect:

  • See firsthand how this model aligns with clinical trial studies for confident results
  • Learn how to gain key NASH indicators in just 12-16 weeks
  • Discover the significant cost and time savings in comparison to traditional methods
  • And much more

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John Liu

Yongqiang Liu (John), with 18 years in drug discovery and CRO operations, leads the pharmacology department at BioDuro-Sundia since 2019. His focus spans immunology, inflammation, neurodegeneration, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases. Formerly at CrownBio for 8 years, he excelled in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, contributing to oncology studies. Noteworthy achievements include leading R&D projects and external studies. In 2008-2011, John Liu worked on GPCR-related drug research at Argusina, and earlier, he successfully managed a clinical trial-approved drug project at Wolwo Biotech. With expertise in NASH, he dedicates over a decade to NASH animal model development, accumulating 10+ years of experience. Author of 8 peer-reviewed publications.


Lin Teng

With 15 years of drug development research experience in top pharmaceutical companies and CROs, Lin Teng excels in target identification/validation, assay development, pre-clinical studies, translational research, and mechanism exploration. Lin Teng gained her Ph.D. from the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and joined BioDuro-Sundia in 2020. As the head of Integrated Biology, she leads global collaborations, overseeing the development of comprehensive assays and screening compounds for all major drug target classes. Lin Teng previously contributed to Novartis and Johnson & Johnson, focusing on epigenetic drugs for oncology and hematological malignancies. With 9 peer-reviewed publications, Lin Teng continues to drive impactful advancements in drug development.

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60 Minutes