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Separating the Science from the Fiction: Bringing the Lab of the Future to In Vivo Studies

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60 minutes

The current drug discovery process is risky, expensive, and notoriously cumbersome, with an average of 10+ years and hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and bring a drug to market. And, despite decades of computing technology advancements, many labs continue to rely on legacy methods. 

It is now clear that a holistic, strategic embrace of advanced cloud technologies and AI is crucial for mitigating challenges, reducing errors, and improving data quality in drug development. Join us for this critical, one-hour discussion with industry experts for actionable insights that will help drive innovation, ensure data reproducibility, and unlock the potential of the Lab of the Future.  

We’ll explore: 

  • How AI is expected to be the number one investment area, and what needs to be done to make the adoption efficient and effective 
  • Tips for justifying and championing a transformation initiative 
  • What organizations need to do to have an open and connected tech stack 
  • Strategies for leveraging cloud technology to unlock the value of preclinical data, accelerate research, and advance breakthroughs that improve patients’ lives 
  • And more 


ian levine

Ian Levine

Ian Levine is the co-founder and CEO of ModernVivo, a venture backed startup developing AI enabled software to help pharmaceutical scientists design in-vivo experiments optimized for clinical success, faster and cheaper than the status quo. The majority of his academic career has been spent on therapeutic development and in-vivo study design in the neuroscience and oncology fields. He holds an B.S in Experimental Neuroscience from Virginia Tech, where his research focused on developing novel non-opioid pain therapeutics and conducting large scale meta-analyses of preclinical models. He also holds a M.S in Pharmacology from the University of Michigan, where his research focused on studying how the design of in-vivo models of breast cancer metastasis to bone impacts biological responses in-vivo.

jason davis

Jason M. Davis

Jason has a background in In Vivo Model Development and Efficacy studies (Oncology) and ELN Software Development/Integration. He has had the pleasure of working with RockStep for the past 2 years on a current project that is targeting delivery of a global CRL Discovery ELN end to end product that spans Design, Resourcing, Data Input, and Reporting.

Andrew Buchanan

Andrew Buchanan PhD FRSC

Andrew Buchanan is an experienced pre-clinical scientist, contributing to 18 antibody-based drugs entering first-time in human clinical studies of which to date three are marketed products. He is a versatile critical thinker with 22 years of experience (Cambridge Antibody Technology, MedImmune and AstraZeneca), and has led teams responsible for platform technologies and pipeline delivery to first in human studies. His current focus is on AI/ML for biologics, tissue targeting technologies and biologics relevant science innovation.

He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2020 and, with colleagues, collaborators, postdocs, and PhD students, contributed to over 35 original manuscripts and patents. Career highlights so far have included being part of the teams that delivered IMFINZI®, PB2452 and time invested in mentoring peers.

julie morrison

Julie Morrison

Julie Morrison is President and co-founder of RockStep Solutions, a company focused on cloud informatics solutions for in vivo drug discovery. At RockStep, Julie leads company operations, including product management, development, and product vision, and she has implemented user-centered research and design practices central to the company's product development strategy. Driven by a passion for UX, she is a valued leader in the movement to improve vendor-biopharma relationships. She has lectured on information management in animal model research and published thought-leadership articles on data and operations management for the Lab of the Future.

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60 minutes