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Why High-Quality Raw Materials Are Vital | Producing Therapeutic Cardiomyocytes from iPSC Stem Cells

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Albumin is a natural multitool; its binding properties, capacity to act as an antioxidant, ability to reduce surface adsorption and aggregation make it useful across multiple unit applications. The variability in serum-derived albumins directly results from albumin's innate binding properties. This variability can directly impact your process and product. Presented in excellent context through a case study of Heartseed’s innovative investigative therapy, join industry experts to discover how Recombumin® recombinant human albumin is supporting advanced therapies and lowering some of the barriers along the development journey.

Join Dr. Phil Morton, Albumedix’ Chief Technology Officer and Dr. Takehiko Kaneko, Head of R&D and Chief Medical Officer of Heartseed, to explore:

  • The journey of Heartseed’s investigative cardiomyocyte therapy for heart failure patients, now in Phase I/II clinical trials
  • The value albumin delivers across advanced therapy applications
  • How implementing Recombumin® into a manufacturing process can help improve production and support stability
  • The key benefits of using chemically defined raw materials
  • And more…



Phil Morton, PhD

Dr. Philip Morton has more than 25 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, where he has worked across process development, product development, and product application research. As CTO of Albumedix, Dr. Morton leads a team of specialists to refine recombinant albumin technologies and fully leverage albumin’s multifaceted capabilities.


Dr. Takehiko Kaneko, MD

Dr. Takehiko Kaneko, MD is CMO and head of R&D of Heartseed Inc. Before joining Heartseed, he served on the leadership team at SanBio Co. Ltd., where he was responsible for the development and regulatory standards of cell therapy products. He has also worked in medical affairs at Bristol-Myers Squibb, clinical development at Pfizer, and early development at Novartis. Dr. Kaneko received his medical degree from Keio University School of Medicine. 

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60 minutes