Watch for changes in the industry

The trend across the biotech and pharmaceutical industries is generally toward outsourcing, and the manufacture of supplies for clinical trials seems to be no exception, especially as the costs of drug development increase. This is likely to make the roles of both CROs and CMOs more important and more cost-effective, as well as more competitive, as companies move away from doing the work in-house.

As global expertise grows, companies all over the world will be able to provide the level of GMP services required and all at about the same price, especially given the increases in costs in China and India.

As competition becomes more heated, it will become more important for CMOs and CROs to provide a value-added service for those companies that want or need it.

Choices will not only be based on having the required capabilities, they will come down to the quality of the service provided as well. Is the vendor responsive? Do they communicate well with the client and in a timely manner? Does the client feel that the vendor is truly client-centric?

Watch for changes in the industry

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