Vicriviroc - Top 10 Phase III Failures

The drug: Vicriviroc
The disease: HIV
The company: Merck

Back when Schering-Plough was pushing vicriviroc up the pipeline, CEO Fred Hassan boldly predicted that the HIV therapy was headed for a regulatory filing in early 2010 and would go on to reap as much as $750 million in 2013. And Merck was just as upbeat about its chances when the drug giant bought out Schering-Plough.

So much for bold predictions in the development business. In early 2010 Merck researchers explained that two Phase III trials of vicriviroc, a CCR5 co-receptor antagonist designed to block the virus from penetrating cells, failed to hit the primary endpoint among patients taking a drug cocktail.

A few months later, when the drug failed a study involving treatment-naïve patients, Merck killed the development program.

Vicriviroc - Top 10 Phase III Failures

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