Valeritas - Top 10 VC deals, H2 2011

Company: Valeritas
Based: Bridgewater, NJ
Amount: $150 million
Investors: Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe; MPM Capital; Pitango Venture Capital; Onset Ventures; Abingworth Management; Advanced Technology Ventures; HLM Venture Partners; Agate Medical Investments; CHL Medical Partners; and Kaiser Permanente Ventures

Scoop: Topping our list is Bridgewater, NJ-based Valeritas, which completed a $150 million Series C round of financing led by Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe. The financing was slated to support the commercialization of the V-Go disposable insulin delivery device. V-Go provides an alternative to multiple daily insulin injections and was cleared by the FDA in December 2010 and received CE Mark approval in July. In addition, it gives a continuous preset basal rate of insulin and allows for on-demand bolus dosing around mealtimes. "This is the only insulin pump in the world that operates solely on a mechanical basis," Agate managing general partner Chanan Schneider told Globes at the time of the financing. "The insulin is delivered in a fixed quantity every day, and extra dosages can be delivered if necessary. I believe [the FDA] will not approve another product like this in the next two years." The company has already attracted top talent, including former Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) executive Kristine Peterson, who came on as CEO in 2009.

Valeritas - Top 10 VC deals, H2 2011