Company: Takeda
Based: Osaka, Japan
Themes: Global operations

At the beginning of the year Takeda announced a sweeping review of its global operations, vowing to trim $2.6 billion in annual costs by cutting 2,800 jobs around the globe by 2016. Research, administration, operations and commercial functions are all on the table, with most of the cuts likely to be felt in Europe.

For Takeda, the streamlining push came as a result of its $13.6 billion acquisition of Nycomed, proving once again that every buyout is an opportunity to hunt out every operational synergy possible.

"The combination of Takeda and Nycomed brought together Takeda's strong presence in the Japanese and U.S. markets with the legacy Nycomed business infrastructure in Europe and high-growth emerging markets," Takeda CEO Yasuchika Hasegawa said in a statement. "There are a number of areas where we will need to make changes to ensure efficient and flexible operations moving forward."

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