Siemens Healthcare - Top 10 Medical Device R&D Budgets

Company: Siemens Healthcare
Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany
R&D spending fiscal 2011: $1.56 billion
Priorities and Projects: A division of the German conglomerate Siemens ($SI), Siemens Healthcare devotes much of its resources to research and development--$1.56 billion in fiscal 2011 alone, out of $16.3 billion in overall revenue for the year. And the 51,000 employee operation spreads the investment around a wide variety of areas, including imaging and therapy systems, clinical products, and audiology devices. But Siemens is also reorganizing, having launched a two-year program last fall cryptically dubbed "Agenda 2013," aimed at boosting innovation, some job cuts, "realigning" its radiation therapy business unit and focusing on areas such as diagnostics to help reduce healthcare costs.

Heading into 2012, some of its new R&D planning came to fruition, such as the announcement of its deal with Maquet to develop a combined system for diagnostics and surgical procedures for use in hybrid operating rooms. And the company has emphasized its ongoing role in developing diagnostic tools to enable detection of amyloid plaques that can indicate Alzheimer's disease. Siemens Healthcare developed its Biograph mCT PET-CT scanner as part of that effort, and is seeking 510(k) approval for software designed to enhance PET scanning quantification of amyloid plaque. Also, the company will be manufacturing and distributing Amyvid, Eli Lilly's ($LLY) new imaging agent that gained FDA approval for brain imaging of beta-amyloid plaque in patients being evaluated for possible Alzheimer's or other related ailments.

(Siemens developed blood bags with RFID chips, ensuring that blood stays properly cooled in transit.)

Siemens Healthcare - Top 10 Medical Device R&D Budgets