Company: Roche ($RHHBY)
Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland
Med Tech R&D budget 2012: $1 billion

The bottom line: The Swiss drug giant spent a cool $1 billion on research and development in its med tech product lines, including diagnostics and diabetes care products. That number represents a small decline from nearly $1.02 billion in 2011, but is still higher than the $855.9 million in research money budgeted for 2010. Roche has reorganized, pursued layoffs and relocated insulin pump R&D to Germany in a bid to rebound its diabetes business. But the company continues to work hard to expand its R&D and product development efforts for companion and molecular diagnostics tests. Yet another test reached the regulatory finish line earlier in March: a viral load hepatitis C test, designed to gauge a patient's response to treatment by identifying the virus' RNA levels.

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