RG7446, Roche

Drug: RG7446
Company: Roche
Phase: Phase III
Class: Anti-programmed death-1 ligand-1 (PD-L1) MAb
2020 sales: $2.93 billion
Net present value: $15.6 billion

Back to the checkpoint inhibitors for cancer. Here EvaluatePharma is joining a number of bullish analysts who see a bright future for Roche ($RHHBY) and its cancer czars at Genentech. While Merck ($MRK) and Bristol-Myers ($BMY) have been making most of the noise in this sector, Roche has been (relatively) quiet about its own plans to partner MPDL3280A/RG7446 with home grown drugs. That gives the company solid odds of coming up with one of the biggest payouts, quickly capitalizing on its leadership in the cancer field. Combined with the recent $1.7 billion buyout deal for Seragon, Genentech has jealously been guarding its leading rep in oncology R&D. Staying at the top isn't easy, but Roche has no intention of playing second fiddle.

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RG7446, Roche

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