PixelOptics - Top 10 medical device VC deals, H1 2011

Company: PixelOptics
Based: Roanoke, VA
Amount: $45M

Investors: Safegaurd Scientifics, Delphi Ventures, The Carlyle Group, Longitude Capital, Stark Investments, and Horizon Technology Finance

Scoop: PixelOptics recently launched emPower!, the first-ever electronically focusing eyeglasses for those with presbyopia, a condition involving the gradual loss of the eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects. A layer of immediate-adjust liquid crystals within a set of electronic lenses enable emPower! users to shift their focus quickly and accurately either by using a touchpad on the frame or simply by moving their heads.

The funding was raised to help PixelOptics launch emPower! in North America and Europe within the next year and Asia within the next two years, as well as expand and continue lens technology developments.   

PixelOptics - Top 10 medical device VC deals, H1 2011