Philips Healthcare - Top 10 Medical Device Companies

Company: Philips Healthcare
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
CEO: Gerard Kleisterlee (entire company), Stephen Rusckowski (healthcare)
Sales: $11.2 billion

Philips has a presence in cardiology, oncology and women's health, the company says on its website. The U.S. is the largest healthcare market, currently representing close to 50 percent of the global market, followed by Japan and Germany. As with many pharma companies, Philips is seeing expansion in emerging markets. About 19 percent of its annual sales are generated in these markets.

According to Cardiovascular Business, the MRI equipment market is predicted to rise to $7.4 billion by 2015 globally, as expansion of clinical applications, including neuro, cardiovascular and breast imaging, paves the way for growth.

Currently, the global MRI market is led by Philips, GE Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare.

Philips Healthcare - Top 10 Medical Device Companies