Phenomix Corporation - Top 20 VC deals of 2007

Company: Phenomix Corporation
Based: San Diego, CA
Amount: $55M
Round: Third
Investors: Alta Partners Baker Bros. Advisors, Bay City Capital, CMEA Ventures, Delphi Ventures, GBS Venture Partners, Jacobs Investors, Nomura International, Novartis Venture Fund, Panorama Capital, Pinnacle Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures
Undisclosed Investor

Scoop: Phenomix has been attracting attention for its work on inhibiting DPP4, a target for type 2 diabetes therapies. The company's lead candidate is PHX1149--currently in Phase IIb. Researchers looking to gather more data supporting the efficacy of the experimental oral drug. A second program aims at treating hepatitis C through inhibition of the NS3/4A viral protease. Phenomix was a 2007 Fierce 15 company

More News:
Phenomix pockets $55M in third round. Report

Phenomix Corporation - Top 20 VC deals of 2007

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