Nobori - The top drug-eluting stents

Stent: Nobori
2011 sales: $253 million (estimated)
Maker: Terumo

Back story: The company has rapidly grown international market share for the Nobori drug-eluting stent since its initial 2008 launch, and it is now sold in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Japan. Sales reached $37 million in 2009 before climbing to $67 million a year later, and then $253 million in 2011, when it finally hit Japan, an enormous medical device marketplace. Earlier this year, Terumo released two-year data from the Nobori 2 trial involving more than 3,000 patients in Europe and Asia that confirmed generally positive results in high-risk patients. The Nobori's uniqueness stems in part from a recently extended licensing deal with Switzerland-based Biosensors, which supplies the drug Biolimus A9 and a special biodegradable polymer coating.

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Nobori - The top drug-eluting stents