MyoKardia CEO Charles Homcy

The biotech: MyoKardia
Round: $38 million
Based: San Francisco
CEO: Charles Homcy
Investors: Third Rock Ventures, Undisclosed Investor

The scoop: MyoKardia bears all the hallmarks of a classic Third Rock startup. It has ample cash on hand to establish itself, a familiar hand at the helm, marquee scientific talent and new technology that has the potential to move the dial on treatment. The biotech will target personalized small-molecule treatments that can address protein mutations in the sarcomere--part of the heart muscle--for small "buckets" of cardio patients. Each of the genetically defined "buckets" in MyoKardia's sights represents a separate program offering opportunities for partnering at a later stage. The big idea here is to start with precisely defined groups of patients, driving for proof-of-concept data in small human studies.

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