Moximed - Top 10 medical device VC deals, H1 2011

Company: Moximed
Based: Hayward, CA
Amount : $43.3M

Investors: Gilde, Frazier Healthcare Ventures, GBS Ventures, NEA and Morgenthaler Ventures

Scoop: Back in June, several backers announced they had invested in Moximed, which is focused on improving the standard of care for osteoarthritis patients by developing minimally invasive, joint-preserving therapies, according to the company's website. These therapies include the KineSpring knee implant system, a treatment that lies "between the conservative care and surgical intervention" targeting joint overload. It was designed to offer some of the patients who are not candidates for joint replacement surgery a minimally invasive treatment option. After presenting favorable clinical data for the product in Europe, Moximed raised crucial capital for the completion of trials for KineSpring treatments. 


Moximed - Top 10 medical device VC deals, H1 2011